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Ticket to HOPE: The Healing Power of Music

Have you ever wondered why making someone a “mixed tape” was an 80’s feel-good way to express yourself and let the truth come to the surface? (If you’re too young to know what a mixed tape is, ask your parents J).  Do you have a playlist that helps you get through: A tough workout at the gym?  A low mood or Anxiety about the presentation you’ll be giving in the morning at work? If music seems to me a magic healer, it IS, and you can use it for just about everything that needs mending.  Here’s why:

You use both sides of your brain to process any and all types of music. This means the brain sections that access logic and the sections that manage emotions work together. Additionally, your pulse and heartbeat will automatically align with the rhythms and tempos of the music around you, the scientific term for this process is called Entrainment. 

So, consider adding music to the prescription in these not so commonly thought of situations:

1.      At the dentist (or anywhere you feel afraid): Choose slow, soothing selections with minimal instrumentation and words to help restore your breathing in challenging scenarios. Lyrics activate our “thinking” brain, so pick ambient tracks to lower mental stress. Carry your play list in your phone so you’re always ready to implement!

2.     To ramp up productivity or wind down from the world: Most of us already sweat to the oldies, but how often do we use music to halt procrastination patterns or purposely slow our body rhythms in preparation for sleep? Play lists with a consistent back beat will literally move your body, so why not use music as an action step when the “to do” list is gathering dust? The human body is made of 90% water. Vibrations affect our blood flow and encourage the brain to release adrenaline, which helps us get going. Likewise, everything the blinks, breathes, or waves will respond to slower, steady rhythms and volumes. We sign off of the electronics at a certain time of night to signal to the body that sleep is near, either sign off music at a certain time or choose less stimulating sounds to begin shutting your active receptors down. 

3.     Connect spiritually/use as a self-assessment tool: Do you find yourself humming a song you haven’t thought of in ages? Or responding strongly to a tune playing over the speaker in the supermarket? Take a moment to listen to yourself and to connect to something “Higher” than yourself. What significance does that song bring, what memory is triggered, what lesson is offered?  We are our own best healers, especially when music is helping us along. 

HOPE (Helping Others Purposely Evolve) Studio is a wellness space offering group and individual Music Therapy sessions. We specialize in Trauma, Grief, Addiction, Depression, Anxiety and Personal Growth. Check the calendar for happenings, join our mailing list, or call AmyLynn to schedule or for more information. 909-809 4150

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AmyLynn Dimaano
AmyLynn Dimaano
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Aligning Your Life’s Purpose With Your Mission

(They aren’t what you think)

I often get people coming into my office, because they want to find their Purpose and/or Mission in life. Most of the people think it is about finding the right job title of some kind. They do not like what they are doing and are wanting to find something that feels like it has more meaning in life. Regardless, they all feel like something is missing. It is precisely that empty feeling inside – a sense of missing something in life – that sends people seeking guidance.  

So, let’s first set the record straight – Mission and Purpose are TWO different things. Mission is what one does to help the collective. Purpose is what a person needs to do to for themselves to live a more meaningful life. Neither one is about a job or career. They are about the burning desire in one’s heart that most people are out of touch with, therefore needing some assistance to find. That is where guided meditation comes in as a viable tool. It is not for someone else to tell them what their Mission and Purpose are, because people will allow their minds to keep them in doubt. They need to actually have an emotional experience to their inner knowing, thus giving them a feeling of conviction. 

The best-case scenario is that people’s Mission and Purpose are in alignment.  For instance, someone’s Purpose might have a deep desire to learn all about the different aspects of love, what it is and is not, and why do people have such a challenge with it? They end up experiencing many ups and downs in their personal life in regard to love. They then end up frequently becoming some kind of counselor to families, individuals, school children, grief counselors, etc. to assist others find out how to get in touch with the love in their hearts and learn to truly listen and help each other as a part of their Mission.

People’s Mission and Purpose are sometimes not necessarily aligned with each other, causing a deeper sense of feeling lost inside. Perhaps their Purpose is to learn about how to communicate and take care of animals; however, their Mission is to work as a nurse taking care of people, when what they really would rather do is work with animals. Now they need to find a way to mesh their Purpose and Mission together. As an example, their souls might guide to them to find a way to bring therapy animals in to help people who are sick or anxiety ridden to feel better.  

It is important to realize that Mission and Purpose are things that come from the soul and not the ego. The information is always contained within, and most of us need someone to guide us to get beyond our minds to find out what only we know lies deep within our hearts.

 I can help you discover your Mission & Purpose.

Kathryn Leeman
Kathryn Leeman
Angel Reiki

Understanding Angel Reiki

As an Angel and Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, I’ve been asked what’s the difference. Because the teaching of Usui Reiki differs slightly from teacher to teacher, I can only answer based on my experience.

I believe we all have Reiki in us and we all practice it every day! When we are hurting or comforting other’s pain, where do our hands go? We cradle, comfort and love with our touch. We transfer energy with our intention. This is the essence of Reiki!

The Angel Reiki Attunements invite Angels to join in the healing when we call on the traditional Reiki symbols. 

There are four Archangels associated with the main Usui Symbols. They are: 

Archangel Gabriel~ The Messenger ~Cho Ku Rei 

Archangel Raphael~ The Physician  ~Sei Hei Ki

Archangel Uriel~ The Transformer ~Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen 

Archangel Michael~ The Protector  ~Dai Ko Mio

In practice, I have learned to connect and trust fully with these Divine Beings. With their guidance, I have discovered a myriad of Advanced Healing symbols, enlisting the assistance of a Host of Angels.

In an Angel Reiki session, personal ego is set aside the Angels guide the healing. 

I invite you to experience the overwhelming love energy of Angel Reiki~ Namaste

Theresa St. Clare
Theresa St. Clare

Angel Reiki Master

Carrage Fire Engine

Our Ghost Adventures – San Bernardino Railroad Museum.

What an incredible night at investigating and feeling the energy at the San Bernardino Train Museum… with Nicole a paranormal investigator and Psychic Medium & Brandi, a very talented and well respected Psychic Medium, both leading the way!

We were expecting some activity, but we were blown away! From flash lights coming on, to bells ringing, to the spirit of children running past us and the darker energy of a male that did not want us there. It was a heck of a night…

The energy was high and the spirits were eager to speak to us! Brandi is an incredible Psychic Medium and was able to connect with so many spirits that needed her our help. Nicole was feeling their energy as well, but was focused on trying to get the to communicate through the spirit box and other means! We were both pleasantly surprised by so much activity!

Listening for spirit comunication
Using the Spirit box

The Spirits We Met:

The night started off with an introduction of who we were and what we were planning.. The crowd was ready to start and so were the spirits! We started in the bathroom, where we encountered the spirit of a female that was in need of help, but very reluctant to take it.. Brandi felt that she had drowned and was looking for help, but she was very confused and not ready to receive the help she needed.. We had to leave her there! We next went into the hallway, inside the museum, where we all picked up on the energy of a dominate male spirit, that did not want us there! He made it known through the spirit box.. He was also changing the temperature, we all felt a cold breeze slide over us. This gentleman spirit followed us through out the night.

Fire Carriage Bells Rang by Ghosts
Bells rang by the spirits

WE RECEIVED SPIRIT COMMUNICATION! By the sound of an old horse drawn fire carriage! The bell kept ringing.. and ringing..  and ringing.. It was amazing! The spirits were letting us know they were there and were happy to communicate! We also received several class A EVP’s with the name Thomas and Timmy.. We were able to discern, that Timmy was the little boy that was turning our flashlights on and off and Thomas the gentleman that followed us around for the night. Thomas seemed to be the “manager” of the place.. He told others who could communicate with us and who could not!

items in the railroad museum

Where Were All These Spirits Coming From?

Now, were these spirits contacting us from the artifacts in the museum or from the land itself… BOTH! The train station was built in 1918 and if full of so much energy from over 100 years. The museum is full of artifacts from the time period and on, that have collected all the energy from all the surroundings.

Thank you to all that joined us on this adventure!

Nicole & Brandi 

Nicole Bucher
Nicole Bucher
Brandi K
Brandi K
Tina Foran

About Us

An Introduction to Holistic Registry

Welcome! Thank you for visiting my site. I’m Tina the founder of Holistic Registry. 

Need a Holistic Health or Metaphysical practitioner? Holistic Registry has a directory of practitioners to choose from. Book a session either in person, over the phone, or via video chat.

In addition, monthly ongoing and special events take place in Redlands, Menifee, and Riverside where Holistic Registry practitioners share their knowledge with you.

Not sure what you need or who might be the right practitioner for you? I offer free phone consultations to evaluate your needs and can refer you to the practitioner most suited for you. 

Lastly, providing this service, helping people find what they need, and seeing them benefit from it, is an honor.

Make sure to visit our website for practitioner directory listings and upcoming events. 

Tina Foran
Tina Foran
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Guiding Ghosts to the Next Realm

Where do ghosts go when you have a clearing? I believe that chasing them to another location doesn’t solve the problem. My focus is to show them what is possible for them in the next realm.

I AM a Spiritual Guide for earthbound spirits (ghosts). It’s my honor to guide these lost souls home, into the next realm of existence. Connecting with guides and angels allows me to serve the earthbound. It’s our goal to lift them into their higher potential by transforming stagnant energy with unconditional love (no judgement).

When I work with the earthbound spirits, I go into a meditative state, placing myself in the I AM presence of unconditional Love. It’s in this state of being that I can be without ego, so there’s no judgment. I join with many angels, guides, master teachers and light workers. That’s how I receive my guidance to speak the words needed for this individual or group that I might be working with at the time. The unconditional love creates a space of healing energy for the earthbound spirit.

When the earthbound spirit knows that I am not there to just chase them away to another location, they will be more receptive to the healing energies.They can feel the unconditional love energy that has been created. From there, we can begin a process of offering them another way, a new beginning, a new perspective of what’s possible in their next step. Isn’t that what works for all of us in the process of healing ourselves?

It’s such an awesome feeling when those that were stuck here ascend into a higher realm of consciousness. I can’t do this without the assistance of many spiritual beings of love. I am in awe of the love that connects us all in the Oneness of Creation.

Virginia Morning Sky
Virginia Morning Sky
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Karma and Karmic Bondage

What is Karma?

There are so many misconceptions about what Karma really is. What it is not, is some authority figure or figures judging you, and sending you back to Earth to do penance. Karma is actually a self-imposed judgment.

At the end of each life, we evaluate ourselves. We review our lives and make judgment calls on what we feel we did wrong or right. Instead of seeing it from a more higher self perspective, we evaluate our thoughts, words and actions based on the rules of the culture we lived in at the time. We do not remember the agreements we made with other souls regarding the roles we would play for them to assist them in evolving their previous self-imposed karma.

Self Imposed Karma (Negative Karma):

For example, John murders Jane, dies, and judges himself as a horrible person, and feels he should come back to be murdered or something he feels will cause him to suffer. He does not realize that Jane came to him before incarnating, soul to soul, feeling like she needed to be murdered, because she had done that to someone else in a former life. John agrees to help Jane “work off” her karma, so he plays the role of the murderer to relieve Jane of her self-imposed limitation. However, now he forgets that agreement and he is on the same wheel Jane was on, and around they go. Got that?

It can certainly get more complicated and intricate than that simple example. The point is that we need to realize at some point in our evolutionary process to take a much higher perspective, and realize that each life is a stage for unresolved issues to be worked out. Once we know what our contracts are with another person, we get ourselves off the hamster wheel of negative karma and  pop over to positive karma. 

Positive Karma:

Karma means self-reflective balance. If the scales get tipped too far in one direction, eventually they need to tip in the other direction for us to learn about balance and non-judgment. Assessing is one thing, judging is completely different. Judging keeps our souls in a type of spiritual bondage, until we wake up and realize we aren’t so bad after all. Past-life regression help one to see their personal judgments, recognize the contracts and release them with the help of someone well-trained in doing past-life therapy.

Kathryn Leeman
Kathryn Leeman
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Working with Dark Entities

People just love entities. They are so much more fascinating than looking at the fact you might be selfish, or cruel. Yes they are real, there are many different kinds, and yes they cause real problems. I am more interested in how and why people pick up entities.

Learning about those ideas can help you to detect and prevent entity attachment on yourself.  The ability to detect and remove entities on others, while an exciting and often dramatic skill (for new age people who love this kind of drama as opposed to chop wood, carry water ongoing work on the Self) simply removing an entity is typically not that beneficial in the long run if the source of why the entities were able to fasten in the first place is not addressed.

Why Entities Stick To US

This is a bit like Western medicine that treats symptoms with pills with dramatic “results” that produce often deadly long term side effects as opposed to holistic (body, mind, spirit) medicine that treats “cause” rather than suppress symptoms. If you work on “cause”, almost all entities begin to find their attachment repulsive and leave on their own rather like changing the environment so that parasites no longer find you or your energy field a delicious petri dish of “food”.

Some entities are related to karma, ancestral issues etc. Some can be from black magic however I have never seen black magic for real in the USA. Black magic takes a great deal of discipline and US citizens are too lazy for that.

An entity, working through a human, can reach out and that can look like black magic, however an entity working through its human host is not the same as a human that has the skill, energy and discipline to work with darker forces.

The majority of the entities I have encountered are “critters” and like all critters they “sniff out” environments that are friendly to them. Friendly environments are people with energetic cracks in their aura or energy field, people who are split meaning they have pushed themselves in two opposing directions (usually unconsciously), powerhouse energetic human beings who are distracted or are careless with self-care or who are being stalked by another entity.  There are many other examples but these are the most common. 

Removing Entities

The best way to remove entities is to shift your Self, your energy field, so you become a very uncomfortable environment for your entity. New age people like to say everything happens for a reason (but then don’t like to look at the reason!) so taking the approach of working with Source to shift your energy means you actually do examine “everything happens for a reason”.

Your entity has something to teach you and simply removing it without learning the lesson attached means the lesson will come back to you in another form (for sure) and it also means you do not trust Source, you do not have faith that everything happens for a reason because you just want to get rid of the damn thing rather than cherish the learning of the lesson. When the entity leaves of its own accord, you will be finished with that lesson! It is like a graduation gift from that particular class given to you by Source to help you grow, learn and be stronger.

How Life Path Healings Can Help

At Life Path Healings we do work on sensing and removing entities. When they are “ready to go” it is easy to give it a little help in leaving. We also work on feeling energy shifts in people as that helps to “feel” the timing of healthy and authentic entity removal.

Students who work on learning this (some have an aptitude for it, some not) learn to not listen to the narrative or story the person (with the entity) is telling everyone, and telling his/herself and instead to sense, feel, perceive, see what is really going on.  This is not easy to do because most people work hard on their narratives, love to tell them, and insist on being heard and on being “right”.

So many people come for Readings and end up talking more about themselves than listening to the Reading, even when they say, or think, they have come to learn something new from a Teacher. At Life Path Healings we always try to learn from every situation and to allow Source to teach us rather than insisting on “knowing” everything from a left brain “story” perspective. Dig deep. Accept what you are shown Surrender to the lessons.

Journey On,

Dr. Marie, Life Path Healings Yucaipa California

Dr. Marie Feuer, Phd
Dr. Marie Feuer, Phd

Unconsciousness is No Longer an Option – a Channeled Message

Those holding onto the old will find their worlds collapsing as all unresolved, unconscious and suppressed parts of ourselves will be magnified and projected outwardly in increasingly greater chaos so we are forced to look inward.

Conversely, those purging the depths of the unconscious will see all of life starting to come into abundant unity, joy, understanding and awakening.  Greater vision of purpose and activations happen as we live from a heart-based reality devoid of separation. “Influence the Collective in a loving way, rather than allowing the lower frequencies to overwhelm you.” 

What is your 2020 Vision?

As energy waves of Light (speed and time are also defined as “light”) continue to hit the planet, people are waking up.  The uncovering of suppressed patterns is being magnified as we pull into our field all that is needed for our awakening.  This can be disorienting and extremely challenging as we clear literally lifetimes of patterns of dysfunction from our unconscious.

When we plug-in and do this clearing work we feel a sense of freedom and joy as there is less and less heaviness around us and in the situations that manifest in our lives.  A deeper connection to our higher selves and source is our focus as we manifest all that is our hearts! 

Finding the Joy

As the journey of our Soul Evolution continues, renewal is needed.  We feel tired.  This is intense work-and just as the physical body needs rest daily, our Soul needs joy, play and fun!  Allowing and creating these elements will greatly assist us in rebalancing our lives as we continue our inward journey.  

What uplifts and enlivens you?  Makes you feel young and alive?  It is essential to give your soul permission to take time out, or time off, from this deep inner work so as to continue the energetic flow necessary to maintain harmonic resonance and flow.  Nothing is lost and much is to gain by scheduling much needed playtime!  

 The above message was given to me in early December 2019.  Ishtara

Balloons in the sky

Finding Closure

When seeking advice after a tough breakup, you’ve probably heard the same thing from your friends, family members, and loved ones. “You just need closure.” But what does that really mean? And what can you do if you feel like you never got the closure you needed from your ex? Some examples include, giving back your ex’s stuff, delete them from social media, and trying to spend less time with your mutual friends. But if it’s been years since the breakup and you’re still hurting, you may need to take other steps.

Umbrella Bridge image

Exercising Closure:

One thing you can do, is to write a letter. Now this letter will not be given to anyone, that’s the important part! But the key is to NOT HOLD ANYTHING BACK! Visualize that you will be sending this letter and you are finally able to say all the things that hurt you, that made you cry, that frustrated you or the opposite. Visualize an apology, and explanation of why you acted the way you did. So you have that cathartic moment without actually interacting face-to-face.

Letting go image

The point of this exercise, is to get everything out. When you feel you have put enough energy, time and emotion into the letter, it is now time to get your closure! Go outside in a safe space and set the letter on fire, rip it up, tear it to pieces, get rid of it! But do not keep it! Keeping this letter, is still holding on and the point of the letter is to let go!! It is important to try to make ourselves feel better! Sometimes we have to recognize where the pain and grief are coming from and just let go! It truly is up to you, to make peace with it and move on!

butterfly hands

I have personally used this method and recommend it to a lot of my clients and friends. It seems to work! Sometimes it may take you several times to write the letter, or days to finish it. And that is OK! Take the time you need, the more energy and work you put into this, the better the outcome!

Nicole Bucher
Nicole Bucher