My mission: to hold space for others, literally and figuratively; to provide the space for gifted and talented lightworkers – Healers, Readers, Mediums, Coach’s, Mentors & Teachers – to share their gifts with as many people as possible. In doing so, we change the world.

Sometimes there are those big Awe-ha moments. Sometimes we are planting seeds. Everyone that visits one of our events is gifted with energy that is needed to facilitate change. This is how we change and grow as individuals and as a society. So, as I hold this space on my little patch on the planet, I know that many, many minds and souls are being activated to grow.

This is a labor of love. This is a calling, however this isn’t something that I can to do alone – it takes a village. Your support will help continue to facilitate this calling and life-expansion moments for many.

Thank you for your support.