Why Join?

The successful promotion of your skills or business is contingent on EXPOSURE. So how do you go about obtaining the right type of exposure? That’s where HolisticRegistry.com comes in!

Having decades of experience and professional connections makes Holistic Registry a unique and reliable network to be a part of. With various geographically located groups and an active membership based in Southern California, Holistic Registry excels in promotional exposure.

New practitioner applications currently being accepted.

Premium- Membership Benefits:

          Listing your website and/or professional Facebook page on the Holistic Registry website

          Ability to share your upcoming events on the Holistic Registry Facebook page

          Publish articles (original content) on Holistic Registry Blog page 

          Opportunity to be featured on Holistic Registry Instagram page 

          Free entrance to 1 regularly priced event per quarter (4 per year)

o    Event attendance also features opportunity to promote your services or upcoming events in a 60 second “commercial” format

          Opportunity to participate in or host special events

          Becoming a Member equals EXPOSURE!!!

          Network Membership and Associated Benefits: $200/year


Please Contact Tina Foran at info@HolisticRegistry.com for more information and to get started!