Our network of holistic practitioners offers a wide range of services from physical and emotional health to metaphysical wellbeing. Services focusing on physical health include Naturopathic and Homeopathic medicine, Body Work, and Energy Healing. Services focusing on emotional balance include Life Coaching and Mentorship. Services focusing on metaphysical wellbeing include Psychic Readings and Mediumship Sessions. Various other modalities and services provided as well!      

In addition to practitioner provided services, Holistic Registry offers a myriad of related holistic health and metaphysical experiences. One aspect of these broader activities includes monthly community meetings focusing on a single in-depth topic, facilitated by a specialized practitioner. Additionally, Holistic Registry hosts ‘Spirit and Healing’ fairs, and varying special events.

Holistic Registry is an ever expanding network. If you’re a holistic health or metaphysical practitioner looking to grow your business and expand your exposure Holistic Registry can help. Give us a call for more information!