Holistic Registry is both a network of holistic health and metaphysical practitioners as well as a venue for specialized events.
As a network, Holistic Registry specializes in a diverse range of practitioners who are experts in the prospective fields. Our practitioners promote health and wellbeing through awareness and education. Our scope of services is extensive and our network of practitioners is continuously growing.

As a venue, Holistic Registry offers ongoing group lectures and specialized events on a diverse range of topics. With ongoing monthly events in Riverside, Redlands, and Temecula; and broader one-of-a-kind events throughout the Inland Empire and Northern San Diego County, attending one of our events is easier than ever!

Holistic Registry offers more choices than ever before to aid in your pursuit of a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Tina Foran is the founder of holisticregistry.com

I share my story knowing that it could be your story.

Growing up and through my twenties my life was “normal”. Then in my early 30s my whole word changed.

I started having different experiences that I could not explain. I didn’t know what was happening. I thought I was going crazy. I was seeing things that weren’t really there. I was hearing people talk to me that weren’t there; and a variety of other experiences that I was unable to manage because I didn’t have any reference point to understand what I was experiencing.

Fortunately, I met a few amazing people, which would explain to me what was happening. They became my mentors.

What was happening was that I was having psychic experiences. This was unreal to wrap my mind around, and yet it was happening.

This was all happening in a time where we didn’t have the internet to Google things. We didn’t have Youtube videos to learn from. This was in a time when to learn about things meant you sought out people and studied things in person and in groups.

My mentors walked me through each experience I was having and explained to me what was happening, what it meant and how to handle it. From there began the journey of training and learning many different modalities and schools of thought.

Many years later I find myself doing for others what was done for me.

Holding that long-standing traditional space of passing down knowledge to others in a way that might be thought of today of an archivist.

If you find yourself in this new metaphysical awakening, ascension stage of life, and you want to learn and understand the process I can help.

The process is completely personalized to your experiences and what your being called to do. I will help you understand and mange this new world you find yourself in.

It would be my honor to help you understand and manage this new world you find yourself in.