Holistic Registry is both a network of holistic health and metaphysical practitioners as well as a venue for specialized events.
As a network, Holistic Registry specializes in a diverse range of practitioners who are experts in the prospective fields. Our practitioners promote health and wellbeing through awareness and education. Our scope of services is extensive and our network of practitioners is continuously growing.

As a venue, Holistic Registry offers ongoing group lectures and specialized events on a diverse range of topics. With ongoing monthly events in Riverside, Redlands, and Temecula; and broader one-of-a-kind events throughout the Inland Empire and Northern San Diego County, attending one of our events is easier than ever!

Holistic Registry offers more choices than ever before to aid in your pursuit of a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Tina Foran is the founder of holisticregistry.com

Having decades of experience in the holistic health and metaphysical field lends to the expertise in providing services, both personally and professionally, to help you reach your desired goals and to bring balance mentally, physically and emotionally.

I specialize in helping you connect with the right professionals in the desired fields.

Connecting people in finding the help they need and providing informational events to assist in life’s journey has been a true calling and an honor.

As a metaphysical practitioner, I offer personal services specializing in a variety of modalities.

As an intuitive life strategist, the goal is to provide guidance and a strategic plan to assist people through their challenges. I use Ayurveda, NLP, and intuitive coaching skills to obtain optimal outcomes.

As a vibrational energy healer, I use tuning forks of different vibrational frequencies to clear blockages in the energy pathways allowing the physical body to heal. The vibrational frequencies used during each session are intuitively selected to provide optimal healing to the individual receiving the treatment. The vibrational frequencies introduced to the physical body during each session help the individual adjust to the changing frequencies on the planet. During your healing session, I receive intuitive guidance with personal messages that spirit deems important information for you to know. This information is shared with you at the end of the session.

For something a little different, I offer individualized, life-sized, copper pyramid sessions. Pyramids are used for healing, intuitive insights, and personal growth. Intuitive, individualized crystal grids are placed within the pyramid to amplify your experience.