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Holistic Health, Metaphysical
Modalities and Education

Welcome to Holistic Registry! Our emphasis is Holistic Health and Metaphysical Services of all kinds. Our network features expert practitioners from diverse backgrounds specializing in various modalities. Our educational outreach focuses on providing INSIGHT, INSPIRATION, and INTERCONNECTION. With our wide range of practitioners, services, and events we are confident you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for!

Tina Foran

Hello my name is Tina Foran and I would like to welcome you to a new realm of knowledge and possibilities.

As a metaphysical practitioner, I offer personal services specializing in a variety of modalities.

As an intuitive life strategist, my goal is to provide guidance and a strategic plan to assist people through their life’s challenges.

As an Ascension Coach I work one on one with people who are entering or on the path of a spiritual awakening.

As a Vibrational energy facilitator, I offer a unique energetically aligned approach to healing and well-being.

And as the founder of Holistic Registry I help connect individuals seeking guidance with practitioners specially trained to assist in a variety of modalities.

For a more in-depth discussion of who I am please visit the About section and for details on the work I do please visit Life Solutions.



 Holistic Registry is both a network of holistic health and metaphysical practitioners as well as a venue for specialized events. 

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As a network, Holistic Registry specializes in a diverse range of practitioners who are experts in the prospective fields.

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Holistic Registry practitioners take part in sharing their extensive knowledge in a wide range of topics. Enjoy their articles!

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This is a labor of love. This is a calling, however this isn’t something that I can to do alone  –  it takes a village.


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 Holistic Registry offers ongoing group events on a diverse range of topics.

Redlands Meetup Group

Menifee Meetup Group

Riverside Meetup Group


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