Candle Magick and Intentions!

Candle Magik and Intentions! Candle magic is about setting your intention and goals! Writing down what you want and getting it! It helps to be very clear and keep it simple! Do you want LOVE? MONEY? CAREER CHANGE? ECT… Well set your intentions and get burning!

There’s no need to spend a lot of money – any type of candle works because it’s really all about your intentions. Once you’ve decided on your goals, and which color candle will best help you reach them, you simply write what you wish or intention on a piece of paper and place it underneath the candle. For safety’s sake, I suggest you burn candles on a fireproof surface and put your paper under that. Also, please do not leave your candle burning unattended! For instance, I burn my candles on a gold plate and put my paper with my goals written on it under the plate. (Safety First)

Pro Tip! Remember not to blow your candle out unless you want to blow away your intention! Snuff it out with a tool or your fingers instead, if it can’t be left to burn out.”

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Candle Colors and Their Associations

Red: Energy, Strength, Sexual Potency, Physical Desire, Passion and Love, Will Power, Overcoming Fear or Laziness, Courage, Health, Strength, Vigor, Protection Against Psychic Attack.

Green: Abundance and Generosity, Good Fortune, Material Success, Ambition, Renewal, Marriage, Balance, Communication with nature spirits, Money, Fertility, Finance, Healing, Luck.

Yellow: Intellect, Imagination, Intelligence, Creativity, Confidence, Gentle Persuasion, Attraction, Charm, Confidence, Concentration, Inspiration, Mental Clarity, Knowledge, Commerce, Medicine, Counseling, Healing, Protection.

Gold: Good Fortune, Intuition, Understanding, Divination, Fast Luck, Financial Gain, Attracts Higher Influences, Money, Knowledge, Healing, Happiness.

Pink: Associated with the Purest form of True Love, Friendship, Affection, Romance, Spiritual Awakening and Healing, Banishing Hatred, Honor, Love, Morality.

Orange: Prosperity, Creativity, Enthusiasm, Success, Stamina and Energy, Mental Agility, Sudden Changes, Adaptability, Attraction, Encouragement, Stimulation. It dissuades laziness, Changes Luck. A very powerful color, be prepared to face major changes if you use it.

White: Purity, Sincerity, Truth, Spirituality, Greater Attainments in Life, Wholeness, Higher Power, Contacting Spirit Helpers, Balancing Auras, Confusing Enemies, Helping Pregnancy or Birth, Raising Vibrations, Repelling Destructive Energy. Whenever in doubt about a candle color, white is a safe choice. It is a highly balanced spiritual hue.

Blue (light): Truth, Inspiration, Wisdom, Protection, Good Health, Patience, Tranquility, Understanding, Happiness, Inner Peace, Fidelity, Harmony, Getting in Contact with Higher Self.

Blue (royal): Happiness, Loyalty, Group Success, Occult Power, Expansion. Blue (dark): Changeability, Conquering Depression, Impulsiveness.

Purple: Success, Idealism, Higher Psychic Ability, Wisdom, Spiritual Protection and Healing, Honor, Spirit Contact, Breaking Bad Luck or Hexes, Driving Evil Away, Divination, Greater Magical Knowledge, Ambition, Business Progress, Power, Success in Legal Matters, Business Success, Influencing people who hold power over you.

Violet: Healing, Peace, Spirituality. Indigo: Meditation, Neutralizing Someone Else’s Magic, Balancing Karma, Stop Gossip, Lies, or Undesirable Competition. Magenta: Speeding things up, Rapid Change, Spiritual Healing.

Silver (Light Grey): Victory, Stability, Meditation Aid, Developing Psychic Ability, Blocking Negativity from Outside Sources, Protection from Destructive Forces, Counteracting Bad Luck, Neutrality, Stalemate.

Black: Absorbs and Removes Anything; Reversing, Uncrossing, Binding Negative Forces, Protection, Releasing, Breaking Blockages, Moving Stagnant Situations Forward.

Brown: Attraction of Money, Abundant Growth in the Garden, Concentration, Balance, ESP, Intuition, Study, Communicate with Nature, Helps to Banish Hesitation, Neutrality & Uncertainty.

Nicole Bucher
Nicole Bucher
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The Hat Man…Who is He and What does He Want?

I was recently asked to be apart of a documentary on the Hat Man.. I have contributed some of my art work to the film, as well as my eye witness accounts, theories and experience. The sketches are of what I have seen, how they show themselves to me. They span over a few years on different paranormal investigation cases.

The Hat Man has been reported for centuries, going back, thousands of years. He is always described at tall, dark, shadowy and very menacing. He instills fear in almost everyone who has seen him. He is described as a “watcher”. He is reported to be seen, but never heard. Reports have put him to be 6ft – 8ft tall. Very dark, with some definition to his face, but some claims say they only see him as a shadow, but all reports are with a hat or cloak… I have seen both!

Some claims, state that he can attack or harm. With my over ten years of paranormal investigation work, hundreds of cases and seeing him multiple times, this has never been the case for me or my clients. He just seems to watch, stand there and feel menacing, he seems to put fear into those that see him. He is usually in the background of pictures, not even noticed, until you look closely.. Reports seem to indicate he stands in doorways, corners of the room or closets 75% of the time. So what is he? What does he want? Their are many theories out there. But this is mine.

My Understanding of “The Hat Man”:

I have worked as a paranormal investigator for over 10 years. I have been a psychic medium all my life. I have come in contact with several different entities, but the Hat Man is for sure the most interesting. I do believe he is a watcher. But I also believe he is a doorman… a guardian of the portal, per say. He (used lightly) is not a human spirit, more of an ancient being, inter-dimensional. I believe that he opens the door, to allow other activity to happen, that he is accompanied by many other entities, spirits and so forth. On many of my cases, with the Hat Man, It seems that the client will see the Hat Man as a precursor, of other things to come. They will see him first, then other paranormal activity will follow.

I have tried on multiple times to communicate with the Hat Man, with no luck. I have spoke to several other in my field, that state they have not been able to communicate as well. Not through EVP (electronic voice phenomena) or mentally, spiritually or otherwise. He seems to be silent. But always watching.

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Have you seen the Hat Man?

An interesting tid bit.. The neighborhood watch sign… I am sure you have seen one.. Says, “We are watching you” and has a picture of a man with a cloak and hat…. Where do you think they got that idea from… Like I said, this “thing” has been around for centuries….

Nicole Bucher
Nicole Bucher
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Signs Your Deceased Loved Ones are Trying to Contact You

Have you ever felt like a someone who has passed away is trying to contact you? Are strange things happening all around you lately, but you don’t know what to make of it.

It’s easy to dismiss, but some signs are pretty strong and easy to recognize. While many of these signs are subtle, you can find reassurance by staying alert for the following types of communication that your deceased loved one uses to send messages of comfort and healing.

How magical is that, they come back to give you a message, to comfort you or just to say hello! Here are a few examples that you may want to keep an eye out for!

Hand Image

In your dreams. They often show up smiling and trying to talk to you, comfort you.

Flickering lights in your house, randomly. As a paranormal investigator, I have seen electricity is used by spirits often, it seems it is the easiest to manipulate.

Feeling Their Presence, knowing they are just right next to you.

Static phone calls, from numbers you don’t recognize. This can sometimes be your deceased loved one trying to say hello!

Have you ever seen a picture of your deceases loved one fall to the ground, jump off the wall? It was them, letting you know they are there!

If you are very lucky, and a little tapped in to spirit, you may actually see them! Standing in the kitchen or in their favorite chair!

Hearing your name called, out of thin air. I have this reported a lot by clients.

In your thoughts. One day, you just start thinking about them and can’t get them out of your head and everything reminds you of them. They are with you for sure!

Maybe you’re received one or more of these signs telling you your loved one is trying to get a hold of you from the beyond. But now you’re wondering what is their message, exactly? Start writing down the signs you receive. A pattern just might start to emerge.

Sometimes our loved ones have specific messages for us, but other times they might just be saying they are okay and that they love you. Be calm and know you are loved and your loved one is well on the other side.

Nicole Bucher
Nicole Bucher