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Ego Healing

The ego has been described as our bodyguard; it is also what keeps the status quo. 

We must stop demonizing the ego. It is a necessary part of us. It ensures we put our clothes on every day, that we look nice for our friend’s wedding, that we study for that big math final coming up. It is the force in our mind that helps us stay protected–and, ultimately, divinely directed.

The ego helps us remain self-aware. When the ego is not healed and yet shoved away and repressed, it can turn otherwise positive scenarios into disastrous ones (and/or block your good from manifesting in your life). Don’t lead with the ego; but let it help you along your journey. Smoother head-and-heart coherence is in the immediate forecast when you trust that every part of you is WHOLE and well-integrated.




  1. a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.
    “a boost to my ego”
  2. Similar:
  3. self-esteem
  4. self-importance
  5. self-worth
  6. self-respect
  7. self-conceit
  8. self-image
  9. self-confidence
  10. amour propre

    the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity.
    (in metaphysics) a conscious thinking subject.

How can you marry your conscious realizations with your subconscious correlations? How can you transition into a more connected and conducive way of being that celebrates and actualizes your mind AND your heart? Your growth and evolution are the focus here. If you need to leave a job…trust. If you want to move away from your hometown…do it. If you desire a new and fresh outlook in life… it’s yours. Your ego will support you along your path…if you bring it into the light. There may be old patterns with which you have been struggling. It’s time to move on toward bigger and brighter adventures and experiences. You may feel hesitant and uncertain and worried about moving away from something or someone that is no longer serving you or your highest good, but rest assured that your intuition and pure intention are infallible in this. New methods for resolving old issues and new ways of honoring your values and worldview are highly present and relevant here. 

True and deep healing is needed in order to overcome issues with trust. Do you still feel abandoned by your father when he left your family when you were a child? That wound could still be playing a major role in your life. You may tend to cling on to tightly in relationships or leave too early because you’re afraid you’re gonna get left.

Don’t trust people through the lens of your wounded ego. Trust through the all-seeing eyes of Spirit. I’ve learned in my 29 years on this planet (in this incarnation) that my ego loves me and wants to help me reach my goals. It’s a dragon who wants to be of service. Train and tame it. Love your ego. Innerstand that it is not your enemy. Not even FEAR is. God is the everywhere-present Source and Creator of All, as we say at my global Unity Church and Centers for Spiritual Living, and there is no other enduring power. That means there is nothing out to get you but your perceived limitations. 

Yes, there is wickedness and hatred and wrongdoing and suffering in this world. But that happens when we forget and ignore and reject our and others’ Divine Nature.  

We ARE worthy of God’s Love. And it’s INFINITE. His/Her Grace is Abundant and ceaseless. Tap into that now. Feel your third-eye chakra become flooded with light as you close your eyes. Imagine your sacred body-space be filled with the Light of Mother Gaia.

How can you accept and give love in more harmonious balance today? Can you learn to trust others while keeping your boundaries? 

You are the Divine Director of your life.

Victory is yours and comes to you when the battle of the ego is won and this mental aspect is tamed and trained like a dragon of your awareness.

You are going from rags to riches by sheer virtue of the devotion you carry to pursue your vision.

How can you steer yourself in the capacity of greater achievement, toward your hopes and dreams? How can you harmonize your life daily?