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The Hat Man…Who is He and What does He Want?

I was recently asked to be apart of a documentary on the Hat Man.. I have contributed some of my art work to the film, as well as my eye witness accounts, theories and experience. The sketches are of what I have seen, how they show themselves to me. They span over a few years on different paranormal investigation cases.

The Hat Man has been reported for centuries, going back, thousands of years. He is always described at tall, dark, shadowy and very menacing. He instills fear in almost everyone who has seen him. He is described as a “watcher”. He is reported to be seen, but never heard. Reports have put him to be 6ft – 8ft tall. Very dark, with some definition to his face, but some claims say they only see him as a shadow, but all reports are with a hat or cloak… I have seen both!

Some claims, state that he can attack or harm. With my over ten years of paranormal investigation work, hundreds of cases and seeing him multiple times, this has never been the case for me or my clients. He just seems to watch, stand there and feel menacing, he seems to put fear into those that see him. He is usually in the background of pictures, not even noticed, until you look closely.. Reports seem to indicate he stands in doorways, corners of the room or closets 75% of the time. So what is he? What does he want? Their are many theories out there. But this is mine.

My Understanding of “The Hat Man”:

I have worked as a paranormal investigator for over 10 years. I have been a psychic medium all my life. I have come in contact with several different entities, but the Hat Man is for sure the most interesting. I do believe he is a watcher. But I also believe he is a doorman… a guardian of the portal, per say. He (used lightly) is not a human spirit, more of an ancient being, inter-dimensional. I believe that he opens the door, to allow other activity to happen, that he is accompanied by many other entities, spirits and so forth. On many of my cases, with the Hat Man, It seems that the client will see the Hat Man as a precursor, of other things to come. They will see him first, then other paranormal activity will follow.

I have tried on multiple times to communicate with the Hat Man, with no luck. I have spoke to several other in my field, that state they have not been able to communicate as well. Not through EVP (electronic voice phenomena) or mentally, spiritually or otherwise. He seems to be silent. But always watching.

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Have you seen the Hat Man?

An interesting tid bit.. The neighborhood watch sign… I am sure you have seen one.. Says, “We are watching you” and has a picture of a man with a cloak and hat…. Where do you think they got that idea from… Like I said, this “thing” has been around for centuries….

Nicole Bucher
Nicole Bucher