Kris Wilson – Animal Communicator
Kris Wilson is an animal communicator and energy healer for animals.
Kris offers sessions and package deals remotely or in person for individuals. Additionally, she offers package deals for barns, doggy day cares, rescues, etc. She is happy to include your trainer, groomer, veterinarian, pet sitter, etc.

Kris can tell you what your pet is thinking and feeling. Is your pet happy? Is your pet in pain? Why are your pets not getting along? Why is my horse kicking? Why is my dog aggressive? Is my pet ready to transition? She can also, connect with your beloved pet that has transitioned.

She offers energy healing with the Scalar Wave. A standing wave of energy that brakes up the chaotic pattern (disease) chaos energy cannot exist in the presence of a standing wave of energy. Some of the conditions it helps with include, kidney disease, horses with colic, lameness, dermatitis, pain, founder in horses, immune system, no appetite, arthritis, easing of transition to the rainbow bridge. it is very relaxing to the nervous system.

She offers EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping. It is a healing method that quiets the nervous system and starts emotional healing. You use your fingers on the acupressure points of the meridian system of the body. You can also, air tap on head shy animals or use a surrogate. It helps with consuming emotions and feelings. Some of the conditions it helps with separation anxiety, an aggressive animal, barking, whining, trauma, loud noises, a shy animal.



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