Astrological, Ascension and Energetic Update for the year 2020 and beyond

As the year of 2020 begins, we will see many events unfolding that have a seemingly fated quality.  The Age of Pisces is over and the Age of Aquarius is in its infancy. The year 2020, and indeed the decade of the 2020’s, will show the structures that defined the past era of Power and Control and of the Patriarchal Age of Pisces, crumbling.

Out-dated & Broken Structures

The image of a huge earthquake splitting the ground wide open, sucking into the rift all of the old, out-dated and broken structures that have defined humanity in the past are what we will continue to witness as 2020 unfolds, only on a larger, more visible scale.  Since 2012, the rumblings of these changes were in evidence, stepping up exponentially in tempo in 2017, a 1 numerical vibration of new beginnings.

We will cite the Great American eclipse that year, along with a controversial, wild-card elected official. The world is changing. In 2020, the planets Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter will play huge roles in this change and dismantling.

Many Eclipses this Year

There will also be 6 eclipses this year, (7 if we count the Christmas 2019 eclipse) with 7 eclipses being the most that can happen in a calendar year. In an average year, we see only 4. Eclipse energies play a role in our personal and planetary evolution, assisting us to go deeper, purging our Unconscious of belief systems that we have found previously to be too painful to deal with in our conscious state.

We can see this playing out on the world screen as well, with the deep polarization and separation we are witnessing.  It can feel scary and disorienting, but nothing is further from the truth. We are ascending, and all that has been hidden must come into Unity Consciousness.

Dualistic Changing to Oneness

Dualistic energies are 3rd Dimensional energies (good and bad, day and night, male and female, etc.) and our task now is to bring these energies into Unity Consciousness, Oneness, or 5D (5th Dimension) as we make our ascent.  This is a natural process and we have much help from the higher realms to assist us in this journey.

Clear Vision

2020 is a time of truth and clear vision of who we are. It is a time to step into our power, into the roles we scripted for ourselves before this incarnation.  A time to embody the truth of who we are—powerful Creator Beings of unlimited potential. 
Humanity is waking up.

Eclipses for 2019/2020                                                   

December 26, 2019-New Moon Solar Eclipse @ 4 Capricorn/CancerJanuary 10, 2020-Lunar Eclipse @ 19 54” Capricorn/Cancer June 5, 2020-Full Moon Lunar Eclipse @ 15 42” Sagittarius/GeminiJune 21, 2020-Summer Solstice New Moon Solar Eclipse @ 0 21” Cancer/CapricornJuly 5, 2020-Full Moon Lunar Eclipse @13 Capricorn/CancerNovember 30, 2020-Lunar Eclipse @ 8 Gemini/SagittariusDecember 14, 2020-Total Solar Eclipse @ 23 Sagittarius/Gemini 

Mercury Retrogrades for 2020

February 18-March 9 (Pisces)June 17-July 12 (Cancer)October 13-November 3 (Scorpio)2020 Mercury Retrogrades are in water signs.  This encourages us to go deeply into our emotions and subconscious, developing our intuition, ideas and psychic abilities.  We reflect on our inner life, quality of our lives and connections with family and other close relationships.  There may be a lot of intense emotions coming to the surface.  We develop our intuition, connection to source and psychic abilities.

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