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Guiding Ghosts to the Next Realm

Where do ghosts go when you have a clearing? I believe that chasing them to another location doesn’t solve the problem. My focus is to show them what is possible for them in the next realm.

I AM a Spiritual Guide for earthbound spirits (ghosts). It’s my honor to guide these lost souls home, into the next realm of existence. Connecting with guides and angels allows me to serve the earthbound. It’s our goal to lift them into their higher potential by transforming stagnant energy with unconditional love (no judgement).

When I work with the earthbound spirits, I go into a meditative state, placing myself in the I AM presence of unconditional Love. It’s in this state of being that I can be without ego, so there’s no judgment. I join with many angels, guides, master teachers and light workers. That’s how I receive my guidance to speak the words needed for this individual or group that I might be working with at the time. The unconditional love creates a space of healing energy for the earthbound spirit.

When the earthbound spirit knows that I am not there to just chase them away to another location, they will be more receptive to the healing energies.They can feel the unconditional love energy that has been created. From there, we can begin a process of offering them another way, a new beginning, a new perspective of what’s possible in their next step. Isn’t that what works for all of us in the process of healing ourselves?

It’s such an awesome feeling when those that were stuck here ascend into a higher realm of consciousness. I can’t do this without the assistance of many spiritual beings of love. I am in awe of the love that connects us all in the Oneness of Creation.

Virginia Morning Sky
Virginia Morning Sky