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Working with Dark Entities

People just love entities. They are so much more fascinating than looking at the fact you might be selfish, or cruel. Yes they are real, there are many different kinds, and yes they cause real problems. I am more interested in how and why people pick up entities.

Learning about those ideas can help you to detect and prevent entity attachment on yourself.  The ability to detect and remove entities on others, while an exciting and often dramatic skill (for new age people who love this kind of drama as opposed to chop wood, carry water ongoing work on the Self) simply removing an entity is typically not that beneficial in the long run if the source of why the entities were able to fasten in the first place is not addressed.

Why Entities Stick To US

This is a bit like Western medicine that treats symptoms with pills with dramatic “results” that produce often deadly long term side effects as opposed to holistic (body, mind, spirit) medicine that treats “cause” rather than suppress symptoms. If you work on “cause”, almost all entities begin to find their attachment repulsive and leave on their own rather like changing the environment so that parasites no longer find you or your energy field a delicious petri dish of “food”.

Some entities are related to karma, ancestral issues etc. Some can be from black magic however I have never seen black magic for real in the USA. Black magic takes a great deal of discipline and US citizens are too lazy for that.

An entity, working through a human, can reach out and that can look like black magic, however an entity working through its human host is not the same as a human that has the skill, energy and discipline to work with darker forces.

The majority of the entities I have encountered are “critters” and like all critters they “sniff out” environments that are friendly to them. Friendly environments are people with energetic cracks in their aura or energy field, people who are split meaning they have pushed themselves in two opposing directions (usually unconsciously), powerhouse energetic human beings who are distracted or are careless with self-care or who are being stalked by another entity.  There are many other examples but these are the most common. 

Removing Entities

The best way to remove entities is to shift your Self, your energy field, so you become a very uncomfortable environment for your entity. New age people like to say everything happens for a reason (but then don’t like to look at the reason!) so taking the approach of working with Source to shift your energy means you actually do examine “everything happens for a reason”.

Your entity has something to teach you and simply removing it without learning the lesson attached means the lesson will come back to you in another form (for sure) and it also means you do not trust Source, you do not have faith that everything happens for a reason because you just want to get rid of the damn thing rather than cherish the learning of the lesson. When the entity leaves of its own accord, you will be finished with that lesson! It is like a graduation gift from that particular class given to you by Source to help you grow, learn and be stronger.

How Life Path Healings Can Help

At Life Path Healings we do work on sensing and removing entities. When they are “ready to go” it is easy to give it a little help in leaving. We also work on feeling energy shifts in people as that helps to “feel” the timing of healthy and authentic entity removal.

Students who work on learning this (some have an aptitude for it, some not) learn to not listen to the narrative or story the person (with the entity) is telling everyone, and telling his/herself and instead to sense, feel, perceive, see what is really going on.  This is not easy to do because most people work hard on their narratives, love to tell them, and insist on being heard and on being “right”.

So many people come for Readings and end up talking more about themselves than listening to the Reading, even when they say, or think, they have come to learn something new from a Teacher. At Life Path Healings we always try to learn from every situation and to allow Source to teach us rather than insisting on “knowing” everything from a left brain “story” perspective. Dig deep. Accept what you are shown Surrender to the lessons.

Journey On,

Dr. Marie, Life Path Healings Yucaipa California

Dr. Marie Feuer, Phd
Dr. Marie Feuer, Phd