Unconsciousness is No Longer an Option – a Channeled Message

Those holding onto the old will find their worlds collapsing as all unresolved, unconscious and suppressed parts of ourselves will be magnified and projected outwardly in increasingly greater chaos so we are forced to look inward.

Conversely, those purging the depths of the unconscious will see all of life starting to come into abundant unity, joy, understanding and awakening.  Greater vision of purpose and activations happen as we live from a heart-based reality devoid of separation. “Influence the Collective in a loving way, rather than allowing the lower frequencies to overwhelm you.” 

What is your 2020 Vision?

As energy waves of Light (speed and time are also defined as “light”) continue to hit the planet, people are waking up.  The uncovering of suppressed patterns is being magnified as we pull into our field all that is needed for our awakening.  This can be disorienting and extremely challenging as we clear literally lifetimes of patterns of dysfunction from our unconscious.

When we plug-in and do this clearing work we feel a sense of freedom and joy as there is less and less heaviness around us and in the situations that manifest in our lives.  A deeper connection to our higher selves and source is our focus as we manifest all that is our hearts! 

Finding the Joy

As the journey of our Soul Evolution continues, renewal is needed.  We feel tired.  This is intense work-and just as the physical body needs rest daily, our Soul needs joy, play and fun!  Allowing and creating these elements will greatly assist us in rebalancing our lives as we continue our inward journey.  

What uplifts and enlivens you?  Makes you feel young and alive?  It is essential to give your soul permission to take time out, or time off, from this deep inner work so as to continue the energetic flow necessary to maintain harmonic resonance and flow.  Nothing is lost and much is to gain by scheduling much needed playtime!  

 The above message was given to me in early December 2019.  Ishtara