Carrage Fire Engine

Our Ghost Adventures – San Bernardino Railroad Museum.

What an incredible night at investigating and feeling the energy at the San Bernardino Train Museum… with Nicole a paranormal investigator and Psychic Medium & Brandi, a very talented and well respected Psychic Medium, both leading the way!

We were expecting some activity, but we were blown away! From flash lights coming on, to bells ringing, to the spirit of children running past us and the darker energy of a male that did not want us there. It was a heck of a night…

The energy was high and the spirits were eager to speak to us! Brandi is an incredible Psychic Medium and was able to connect with so many spirits that needed her our help. Nicole was feeling their energy as well, but was focused on trying to get the to communicate through the spirit box and other means! We were both pleasantly surprised by so much activity!

Listening for spirit comunication
Using the Spirit box

The Spirits We Met:

The night started off with an introduction of who we were and what we were planning.. The crowd was ready to start and so were the spirits! We started in the bathroom, where we encountered the spirit of a female that was in need of help, but very reluctant to take it.. Brandi felt that she had drowned and was looking for help, but she was very confused and not ready to receive the help she needed.. We had to leave her there! We next went into the hallway, inside the museum, where we all picked up on the energy of a dominate male spirit, that did not want us there! He made it known through the spirit box.. He was also changing the temperature, we all felt a cold breeze slide over us. This gentleman spirit followed us through out the night.

Fire Carriage Bells Rang by Ghosts
Bells rang by the spirits

WE RECEIVED SPIRIT COMMUNICATION! By the sound of an old horse drawn fire carriage! The bell kept ringing.. and ringing..  and ringing.. It was amazing! The spirits were letting us know they were there and were happy to communicate! We also received several class A EVP’s with the name Thomas and Timmy.. We were able to discern, that Timmy was the little boy that was turning our flashlights on and off and Thomas the gentleman that followed us around for the night. Thomas seemed to be the “manager” of the place.. He told others who could communicate with us and who could not!

items in the railroad museum

Where Were All These Spirits Coming From?

Now, were these spirits contacting us from the artifacts in the museum or from the land itself… BOTH! The train station was built in 1918 and if full of so much energy from over 100 years. The museum is full of artifacts from the time period and on, that have collected all the energy from all the surroundings.

Thank you to all that joined us on this adventure!

Nicole & Brandi 

Nicole Bucher
Nicole Bucher
Brandi K
Brandi K