Viviane Chauvet
Viviane Chauvet is an Arcturian hybrid, energy matrix healer, trans voice channel, and certified in ThetaHealing®, QHHT®, Crystalline Soul Healing®, and Unified Field Healing. She is the owner of Infinite Healing from the Stars and co-owner of Energies of Service. Our successful quantum holographic healing practice and intuitive consultation assist people healing at a deeper level and achieving higher transformative results.

Arcturian Energy Matrix Healing (In-Person or Remote)

Our signature modality was created by Viviane Chauvet and the Arcturian Council. This healing modality is available in two packages: 60 minutes or 90 minutes. You also receive channeled messages during the consultation. We upgrade your hologram and other matrices (soul and body) including the quantum field of your body systems and its multidimensional layers. It removes blockages and chronic issues at its source roots. We activate the natural life-force of the human physical body to heal, align, and regenerate the body matrix, including the evolving Chakra systems. Viviane assists you healing past trauma, including past lives (timelines), and restore your soul fractals. Viviane and her Team help you to transform the physical and subtle bodies as clear conduits of light, trigger your latent gifts, re-pattern your body matrix to new awareness, build new mental & emotional structures, and increase the communication to your multidimensional Higher Self (Soul).

Advanced Quantum Healing Package (In-Person or Remote) 

Ready to take the next leap forward? This is an opportunity to work directly with Viviane and her group of intergalactic Master Healers. You get two sessions per month to work with the Arcturians at a holographic soul matrix level, and then with the Lyrans with their ancient cosmic crystalline Template. It enhances your communication to your Higher Self, releases energetic blocks, opens up the flow of the potential field, activates crystalline DNA, and much more! Book a session directly with Viviane at

QHHT® – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (In-Person Only)

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®) was developed by Dolores Cannon over several decades of practice in hypnosis with thousands of clients worldwide. It is a very unique technique that allows people to access a deep part of themselves that has all of the answers. Many people receive instantaneous healing (as it is appropriate without interfering with their soul’s lessons & growth). During the session, the Higher Self / the Oversoul / the Super Conscious (Dolores called it the Sub Conscious) connects with the practitioner to assist the client see and gain a much deeper and clearer understanding on the flow of life events, situations, and other issues created in this lifetime. This technique has been helping so many people experience their past lives, heal themselves, and create changes that are aligned with their soul true potential! Book a session directly with Viviane at

ThetaHealing® (In-Person or Remote)

ThetaHealing® is a meditational process developed by Vianna Stibal that creates physical, psychological and spiritual healing with focused energy through the Creator of All That Is. A Theta State is a powerful, deep state of relaxation that allows access to Theta brainwaves (known as the Subconscious) where memories, sensations, attitudes, beliefs, patterns, programs and behavior are being stored. This healing modality can help you in various ways, including: Powerful and Instant Healing; Change Core Beliefs (4 Levels); Feeling Work; DNA Activation; Gene Replacement; Cleanse Organs and Heal with the Heart Song; Treat Allergies; Manifest Abundance, Address Fear, and more. Upon request, Future Readings in Theta State are also available. We also can connect you with loved ones who have transformed onto the other side of the veil. Viviane is a certified ThetaHealing® practitioner – Advanced Level.


Combo Session (In-Person or Remote)

A combo session consists of an intuitive reading with guidance (life path or star heritage), and energy work with our group of master healers. You receive an aspect of both during our sacred time together. We gladly customize the session to your needs & beyond.

Heart Space Healing and Transformation
Kim Foreman is a gifted healer, medium, and channel.

- A certified Akashic Records reader, she channels detailed and specific answers from your soul’s record keepers about your current life and past lives.

- As a medium she connects with your loved ones to bring through their messages for you, to reassure you that they are always here with you.

- Through Spiritual Response Therapy she works with Spirit to release hidden programming that blocks you from joy and ease.

- As a Reconnective Healing practitioner she taps into universal frequencies to bring about healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

- With the 111™ Activation she catapults you forward on your soul’s path, filling you with light, clarity, joy, and authenticity.

Kim is the owner of HeartSpace Healing and Transformation, based in Riverside and serving clients throughout the country.

Phone Number
(951) 732-7751
Pranic Healing, Essential Oils & Meditation Classes
Nathan Llera is a Certified Pranic Healer and Instructor with the United States Pranic Healing Center. He is a Human Service worker by profession and has spent many years as an Energy Healer with the goal of bridging Eastern and Western medicine.

Nathan and fellow healers conduct regular Free Healing Clinics, Essential Oil classes and Meditation nights in Sun City, Temecula, Beaumont and Palm Springs. Nathan also teaches regular Healer Training and Certification classes for those interested in becoming a Pranic healer, and he is available weekly for private sessions. Contact Nathan or join our Facebook or Meetup page to get involved.

Deborah Chabot – Designs from the Soul
Visionary Artist, Reiki Master, Re Hu Tek™, Crystal healing.

My mission
Acceptance and Forgiveness are the 1st step to transformation which will lead to a significant shift in our perspectives of oneness.
This is when the healing energies I am mind, body, and spirit becomes the healer that I am.

Dr. Sunshine Weeks, ND – Naturopathic Doctor
Dr. Sunshine Weeks, ND is a naturopathic doctor who specializes in overall wellness and chronic disease. She has a passion for using herbal medicine in conjunction with diet and lifestyle recommendations to help people find their own personal wellbeing. Stimulating  Self-Healing Mechanisms and Strengthen Weakened Systems

 “I treat my patients with a natural approach, combining herbs, and natural foods to facilitate the synergistic healing process.”
Dr. Weeks graduated with an undergraduate degree in Anthropology from the University of Redlands and her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Arizona in 2006. Since then she has been in private practice, both in Arizona and California.
Dr. Weeks is in private practice and can be reached at 480-720-5009. She also see’s patients at Temecula Center for Integrative Medicine.

Other services offered: Craniosacral Therapy.

Phone Number
(480) 720-5009
Theresa St. Clare—SilentCrow
Angel Reiki Master, Sacred Pipe Keeper, Guide to the teachings of the 13 Original Clan Mothers (Jamie Sams) and
 Traditional Native American Ceremony (Inter-Tribal) 
Available for Reiki Sessions, Instruction, Chakra Clearing, Home Blessing, Traditional Pipe Ceremony

My walk on the Red Road led me to Reiki. I have been a Reiki practitioner over 15 years, integrating Reiki into a pediatric nursing career. I developed a strong relationship with the Archangels and was guided to become an Angel Reiki Master.

Reiki is a beautiful energy that promotes balance of mind, body and spirit. It dissolves energy blocks, creates deep relaxation, releases stress and promotes better sleep, all things that support the immune system and accelerate our bodies ability to self-heal. Reiki enhances our capacity to love, our creativity and focus. The added support of loving angels and it's like Reiki with the volume turned up.

I am Theresa St.Clare~SilentCrow (Shawnee) I am a Medicine Drummer, PowWow Dancer and Sacred Pipekeeper.

Phone Number
(909) 705-9370
Tina Foran
Intuitive life strategist and vibrational energy healer, Tina Foran has decades of experience helping to change lives.

As an intuitive life strategist, the goal is to provide guidance and a strategic plan to assist people through their challenges. Tina uses Ayurveda, NLP, and intuitive coaching skills to obtain optimal outcomes.
As a vibrational energy healer, Tina uses tuning forks of different vibrational frequencies to clear blockages in the energy pathways allowing the physical body to heal. The vibrational frequencies used during each session are intuitively selected to provide optimal healing to the individual receiving the treatment. The vibrational frequencies introduced to the physical body during each session help the individual adjust to the changing frequencies on the planet.
For something a little different, Tina offers individualized, life-sized, copper pyramid sessions. Pyramids are used for healing, intuitive insights, and personal growth. Intuitive, individualized crystal grids are placed within the pyramid to amplify your experience.

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Dr. Marie Feuer: Life Path Healings
Life Path Healings offers weekly classes in deep Meditation. Classes teach you how to feel and “hear” the energies and Guidance of Source. Dr. Marie also offers Readings, Healings, work with entities and more in every class.

Dr. Marie was chosen by medicine people and shamans starting in the 1970’s when she began her formal development and training as a mystic and a master in energetic teachings and healings. Her natural talents as a clairvoyant and clairsentient are paired with her PhD in psychology and her impressive mainstream skills which can be seen on LinkedIn.
In addition to awakening people’s energy fields Dr. Marie also offers animal communication, psychic readings (works as Nonna on Psychic Access), alternative medicine solutions for humans and pets, and works with couples and families for spiritual and therapeutic resolutions. Some work can be done remotely.

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Virginia Earl—Seven Mystic Rings
Virginia Earl is a gifted psychic in Southern California. She is a Spiritual Healer, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, a Medium, a Certified Reiki Master and the owner of Seven Mystic Rings in Murrieta. Her spiritual journey began when she was only a few weeks old during an event that ultimately changed her life.

This set the stage for other events in her life that lead her to believe that there is more than the here and now, and as she grew up, this feeling followed her for years. She especially held onto it when her family experienced personal turmoil.

This life-changing event fostered an even greater desire for a spiritual connection. In 2014, Virginia followed her spiritual path and began her studies overseas.
She traveled to South America and Asia where she learned about the sacred energy of The Akashic Records and where she also received her Akashic Records Certifications and Akashic Records Consultant Certification. She is also a Certified Reiki Master.

In 2001, Yogi Bhajan blessed Virginia to live with the spiritual name of Guru Soorya Kaur, which means "Princess of the sun who brings one from darkness to light" — a fitting name honoring the spiritual work she provides her clients today as a Certified Akashic Records Consultant by bringing that which is hidden in past lives, in the subconscious mind, to light — into the present.

Virginia believes all beings are connected through energy and that it is through the healing energy of God, the Universe and our own energy and faith in ourselves and a higher power that we bring things about, whether positive or negative. We all have free will. The Akashic Records is an ancient tool that she combines with her spiritual gifts to access a higher source. In Egypt, it is believed that people who could read the Akashic Records were highly respected and sought-after by Pharaohs for advice on day-to-day issues.

It is her compassion, kindness and loving heart combined with her spiritual talents that she is able to help her clients identify blockages, as well as belief systems and behavioral patterns that no longer serve them. Her spiritual gifts are sought by clients with high profiles, a broad spectrum of beliefs and from all walks of life.

Virginia offers Akashic Records Readings in English and Spanish locally in Murrieta, California, nationwide and internationally. She also offers Reiki and meditations in-person and via Zoom.

Akashic Records Readings (The Book of Life): Akashic Records Readings (The Book of Life): People, Buildings, Homes, Vacant Land, Reiki Healing, Meditations, Chakra Balancing

Phone Number
(951) 551-4566
Re Hu Tek – More Than a Healing Modality
Re Hu Tek is an energy lineage that dates back to ancient Egypt. Re Hu Tek integrates Cosmic and Earth energies to create a powerful combination that works on all levels of our body, mind, and spirit. It is used for consciousness raising, manifesting, and healing among other things.

Re Hu Tek™ is an energy system that goes beyond a simple healing modality. It has a lineage that dates back to ancient Egypt and their mystery schools. Although ancient wisdom is filled with amazing truths, it is often cumbersome and filled with religious and cultural baggage. We have cleared that away to get to the core principles.  Re Hu Tek energies are universal and for everyone ready to experience and benefit from them.

To awaken and connect with this age-old energy, we have developed a special attunement process. You just need to sit back and relax while a Re Hu Tek adept practitioner transmits the energy, so you are in “tune” with two, distinct subtle energies—Earth and Cosmic. Then, you will you have greater access to both. Your metaphysical body will have a configuration (pattern) to allow you to use the Re Hu Tek in a conscious, focused way.

After you are attuned, it’s only a matter of what you can do with the Re Hu Tek energies to improve, empower, and uplift your life and, if you choose, the lives of others.

It couldn’t be easier. Right now, we offer a home-study course with 2 levels. We are developing an online version of these as well. For a more up-close-and personal approach, we offer live, one-on-one and group training, too.

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Jan Tucker – Qigong energy healing and stress reduction
Jan is a Spring-Forest Certified Qigong healer, a level 5 (out of 5) qigong practitioner, certified practice group leader, Reiki level 2 healer, and she has received attunements for Medicine Buddha and Avalokiteshvara from Tibetan Monks. She has been using energy healing to heal others since 1995 and has been a practicing yogi since 2000.

What is Qigong?
Qigong is a 7,000-year-old, powerful Chinese healing modality that prepares your body to heal itself from any type of physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual issue (such as colds, headaches, flu, cancer, autoimmune disorders, weight loss, pain, depression, grief, hopelessness, and many more). It restores the free-flow of vital life energy through all your body systems, organs, energy channels (meridians), and individual cells. The Mayo Clinic and other hospitals and universities use Qigong regularly to help patients heal from cancer, depression, pain, and many other issues. Scientific studies have proven its effectiveness.
Jan’s approach is loving, supportive, compassionate, and calming. She specializes in 5-element-based healing, removing blockages from all body organs to restore balance and health. She assists with stress-reduction and meditation techniques.
Join Jan’s live (online) Healing with Qigong class every Wednesday. Students love this class for increasing energy, healing, preventing illness, improving their immune system, looking younger, sleeping better, de-stressing, and maintaining their health

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Kari Gers – BeCalmed Reiki

Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki – Would you like to feel more balanced, relaxed, less anxious and be able to handle stress productively?  Then Reiki is for you. Reiki invokes your own innate healing ability. Reiki is complementary to other medical treatments. 

 Reiki is a safe, gentle, non-intrusive, light touch or no touch healing technique for use on yourself or others. Reiki invokes your own natural healing ability to treat ailments without pressure, manipulation, or massage.

 Sound Bowl Vibrational Therapy – Want some “good vibes?” How about improved sleep, fewer mood swings, better pain management and deeper relaxation? Singing bowls placed strategically upon and around your body can do just that. The bowls work in conjunction with the water in your body to sooth and allow your nervous system to let go, relax, and heal.

 Combining Reiki with Sound Bowls is a specialty of BeCalmed Reiki.  


Kari is a certified Usui Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Teacher, Sound Healing Practitioner, Registered Nurse, and owner of BeCalmed Reiki, in San Bernardino. Kari is available for private sessions. Kari facilitates workshops, healing circles, energy playdates, and ongoing classes.  Kari has always been fascinated with holistic healing, spiritual practices, physical and energetic anatomy, and the perspective of the mind-body connection and healing. 

Phone Number
(909) 556-2140
Elena Koryuchina – Energy Healer, psychic channel
My own healing journey led me to perform healing work and spiritual practices for others. This healing work helps to uncover the “root causes” of negative patterns in people's lives

Using the help of my guides, I am able to get to the root of what is holding people back. Many times these are attachments or blocks which can stem from one's early childhood or past life trauma. These blocks hide themselves throughout the body and can cause illness. When blocks are the cause of disease or illness, modern medicine will not be able to solve the problem, especially since these emotional blocks can be generations deep.  

Once a client’s blocks have been established, my guides work on healing the client’s soul of all the negative – shadow side – that has happened to them. This negativity can come from this life, ancestry, or even a past life. Through healing these blocks you receive a better understanding of your purpose and help in learning this life’s lessons. This alignment with your soul purpose allows you to make choices that better resonate with your life’s mission. For this reason, you may experience changes in thought processes and belief systems. 

In order to prepare for this healing work, you’re going to have to work on your feelings so that they are ready to be released. Through working with your feelings, you’ll learn about who you are and connect to your higher self. During this work you will be experiencing removals and psychic surgery. Removing negative identities from people and places is part of my work. 

Overall, this is powerful healing work. Thus, it is important that my clients actively want to get better as this is a permanent change for your life. You’ll be creating a strong new foundation for yourself but in order to do so, you’ll need to dig deep and shake up the old one.

Elena is Multidimensional Healer, certified Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki® Master, Medical Reiki Master, Kundalini Reiki Master, Sai Maa Diksha Practitioner, Certified Master of Crystology Healing, Psychic, Medium, Past Life Healer, Ancestry Healing, Spiritual Coach.