Pranic Healing, Essential Oils & Meditation Classes
Description: Nathan Llera is a Certified Pranic Healer and Instructor with the United States Pranic Healing Center. He is a Human Service worker by profession and has spent many years as an Energy Healer with the goal of bridging Eastern and Western medicine.

Nathan and fellow healers conduct regular Free Healing Clinics, Essential Oil classes and Meditation nights in Sun City, Temecula, Beaumont and Palm Springs. Nathan also teaches regular Healer Training and Certification classes for those interested in becoming a Pranic healer, and he is available weekly for private sessions. Contact Nathan or join our Facebook or Meetup page to get involved.

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Re Hu Tek – More Than a Healing Modality
Description: Re Hu Tek is an energy lineage that dates back to ancient Egypt. Re Hu Tek integrates Cosmic and Earth energies to create a powerful combination that works on all levels of our body, mind, and spirit. It is used for consciousness raising, manifesting, and healing among other things.

Re Hu Tek™ is an energy system that goes beyond a simple healing modality. It has a lineage that dates back to ancient Egypt and their mystery schools. Although ancient wisdom is filled with amazing truths, it is often cumbersome and filled with religious and cultural baggage. We have cleared that away to get to the core principles.  Re Hu Tek energies are universal and for everyone ready to experience and benefit from them.

To awaken and connect with this age-old energy, we have developed a special attunement process. You just need to sit back and relax while a Re Hu Tek adept practitioner transmits the energy, so you are in “tune” with two, distinct subtle energies—Earth and Cosmic. Then, you will you have greater access to both. Your metaphysical body will have a configuration (pattern) to allow you to use the Re Hu Tek in a conscious, focused way.

After you are attuned, it’s only a matter of what you can do with the Re Hu Tek energies to improve, empower, and uplift your life and, if you choose, the lives of others.

It couldn’t be easier. Right now, we offer a home-study course with 2 levels. We are developing an online version of these as well. For a more up-close-and personal approach, we offer live, one-on-one and group training, too.

Phone Number: (951)738-8802
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Elivia Melodey
Description: Elivia is a clairvoyant medium with the ability to tune in to many worlds and frequencies. Dubbed “The Angel Whisper” by Awareness Magazine, for her accuracy in this realm, she works with Guides and Teachers in Spirit and can also contact loved ones who have crossed over as well as past lives.

Elivia facilitates workshops and ongoing classes on spiritual growth and vibrational healing throughout the US and Asia. Based out of Southern California, she combines sound healing with a wide variety of alternative therapies including: Lightbody Energy Work, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Crystal Healing, light, and more. She is a recognized pioneer and expert of Crystal Sound Therapy.  A leader in the field of Sound Healing, Elivia is also the founder of the Crystal Vibrations Music Label, which has produced four critically acclaimed albums.

Phone Number: (760) 593-4544

Selene Therese Yemaya
Description: Selene creates a space for women to tell their stories, talk about their roles, their gifts, their concerns, their visions and in so doing, to move more fully into their own power and into connection with one another.

Women’s Circlework and Moon Temple Facilitator Certified in the facilitation of women’s circles, rites of passage, embodiment, and rituals – Selene’s leadership in women circles includes her knowledge of many variations of circle work. Selene also coaches others on how to host, lead and facilitate offers a certification program in leading and organizing circles.

Circles are In-Person within the Riverside County and Online with Zoom Virtual Conference circle. Selene contends that circles are: Empowerment-based & Communal-based & Hold Acknowledgment of Inner Wisdom.

Phone Number: 951-782-1500

Dr. Marie Feuer: Life Path Healings
Description: Life Path Healings offers weekly classes in deep Meditation. Classes teach you how to feel and “hear” the energies and Guidance of Source. Dr. Marie also offers Readings, Healings, work with entities and more in every class.

Dr. Marie was chosen by medicine people and shamans starting in the 1970’s when she began her formal development and training as a mystic and a master in energetic teachings and healings. Her natural talents as a clairvoyant and clairsentient are paired with her PhD in psychology and her impressive mainstream skills which can be seen on LinkedIn.
In addition to awakening people’s energy fields Dr. Marie also offers animal communication, psychic readings (works as Nonna on Psychic Access), alternative medicine solutions for humans and pets, and works with couples and families for spiritual and therapeutic resolutions. Some work can be done remotely.

Phone Number: 818-439-9929

Univeral love image
Wildomar, Ca
Description: Metastudies Institute features home study courses, in Astrology, Tarot, healing and other metaphysical arts, ebooks, healing audio recordings, and more. We are on meetup and have regular classes in Wildomar, Ca. Metastudies is owned and operated by Anita & Allen Burns.

We are beings of light having a human experience, but we were not born with a manual of how to navigate this existence. So, inspired humans have created numerous works and belief systems in the form of religions, metaphysical sciences, philosophies, and tools. These are all a part of the ancient Greek aphorism on the Temple of Apollo, “know thyself.”

Metastudies Institute was created to bring what we feel are the best of the works, tools, and metaphysical works to those of you who are ready to move beyond the restrictions of religion, and into a more universal and natural spiritual living approach.

At Metastudies Institute, we offer spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric home-study courses, plus local events, and classes in Southern California We have a selection of ebooks and audio mp3s that reflect that expansive, inclusive philosophy and way of living.

Phone Number: (951)738-8802

Laura L. Luna, PhD.
Description: We create our foundation for a deep embodied space by practicing awareness of our breath. During almost 20 years of education, psychological training and practice of healing arts Dr. Luna has found that each one of us has the power to heal ourselves; to create change in our lives.

To be the masters of our own destiny in life we must visualize the infinite possibilities that is our becoming from a calm state of being. As a holistic Indigenous practitioner, Dr. Luna understands the intricate interconnected relationship between the mind, body and spirit. In psychology, we address the mind and the body and in Indigenous beliefs, we know that we cannot separate these from our spirit. We acknowledge the power of the sacred directions, honor the teachings of our ancestors and know that we must invite the assistance of divine spirit to guide our healing and our daily life.

Dr. Luna holds a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology (2014), and a Master’s (2007) and Bachelor’s in Psychology with a minor in Spanish (2004). She is a certified yoga teacher (500 HR) and Holy Fire Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher (2012) and initiate into the Munay Ki Shamanic Healing Arts.

Her passion is to understand the ways to healing trauma from a holistic perspective and empower people to heal themselves. We have the power to balance our mind-body-emotions and spirit and my mission is to support others in brining harmony, peace and balance into their lives. She is currently studying to become a licensed clinical psychologist, as she jumpstarts her nonprofit, LunaySol Healing, while teaching Reiki at Santa Monica College and Cerritos College and privately. She enjoys camping, hiking, yoga, meditation, spending time with family and friends, the ocean, the jungle and the forest.

For Individual and Family Healing Sessions; and/or Reiki and Yoga classes please contact

Laura L. Luna, PhD.

Services Offered

Energy Healing Sessions & Packages
Reiki Classes, Workshops & Sessions (Hands on and Distance)
Chakra Balancing
Crystal & Sound Healing
Meditation & Breathwork
Private and Group Yoga Classes (Trauma Informed)
Shamanic Journeying
Soul Retrievals

Virginia Morning Sky
Description: Virginia Morning Sky is a spiritual guide for earthbound spirits (ghosts), practicing since 1998.
She offers distance or on-site clearings, assisting these spirits to move forward into the next realm—not moving them from place to place.

Virginia Morning Sky  offers spiritual development classes in:

Reiki Training
Healing Techniques
Using Quartz Crystals and Stones
Spiritual Guide Training
Awakening to the I AM series
Monthly meditation
And many more…..

 Personal healing sessions with Reiki and Chakra balancing using a variety of crystal and stone layouts, including the double pyramid.
 Author of “A Voice Loud As Thunder,” the story of her first Earthbound encounter. It’s available through online booksellers.

Phone Number: 951-233-8108
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Ishtara Light Network

Ishtara  is a teacher of Metaphysics & Ascension material, Astrologer, Numerologist, Psychic Reader, Lightworker, Energy and Tonal Sound Healer, Pranic Healer and Reiki Master. She also works with color, light, crystals, scent and sacred geometry when doing a session. She holds a PhD in Metaphysics through The American Institute of Holistic Theology (AIHT).