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Metastudies Institute features home study courses, in Astrology, Tarot, healing and other metaphysical arts, ebooks, healing audio recordings, and more. We are on meetup and have regular classes in Wildomar, Ca. Metastudies is owned and operated by Anita & Allen Burns.

We are beings of light having a human experience, but we were not born with a manual of how to navigate this existence. So, inspired humans have created numerous works and belief systems in the form of religions, metaphysical sciences, philosophies, and tools. These are all a part of the ancient Greek aphorism on the Temple of Apollo, “know thyself.”

Metastudies Institute was created to bring what we feel are the best of the works, tools, and metaphysical works to those of you who are ready to move beyond the restrictions of religion, and into a more universal and natural spiritual living approach.

At Metastudies Institute, we offer spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric home-study courses, plus local events, and classes in Southern California We have a selection of ebooks and audio mp3s that reflect that expansive, inclusive philosophy and way of living.

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