Cheryl Vasquez, L.M.T., H.H.P., Biofeedback Tech., Iridologist
Description: Cheryl Vasquez is the owner of La Vida which offers a host of holistic therapies which are remedial, restorative, natural, and preventative. An extensive array of massage, bodywork and relaxation modalities are administered according to the need of the client. Also available: stress reduction, injury recovery, pain alleviation, structural correction, energy work, sound and vibrational therapies, facial/body sculpting, vitality restoration, detoxification.

Therapies offered:  Massage, Facial-Body Sculpting, Acupressure, Reflexology, QXCI Biofeedback, Advanced Biostructural Correction, Advanced Muscle Reconditioning, Manual Lymph Drainage, Detoxification, Iridology, Rayid Iridology,  Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Tibetan Energy Therapy, Spinal Touch, Tuning Forks, Sound and Harmonics and Vibrational Therapies, Tibetan Bowls, Infrared Therapy, Energy Therapies
Member:  California Massage Therapy Council, #14499, Association of Bodyworkers & Massage Professionals, #110286
Cheryl Vasquez, L.M.T., H.H.P., Biofeedback Tech., Iridologist.  Over 34 years in practice.

Phone Number: (909)915-8349
Kathryn Leeman, PhD
Description: Services: Phone, FaceTime, Office: Psychic, Akashic Record Reader, Biofeedback for body, mind, emotions, spirit for stress release and wholeness, Hypnotherapy, Life Coach, Past Life Regressions, Channeling

I have worked for over 35 years through helping people find answers to soul searching questions, and helping them balance their body, mind, emotions and spirit. Through the use of psychic readings, channeling‘s, regression’s, and biofeedback and life coaching, I can put together a package that will serve you as an individual either on the phone or in person. I also hold Healing Heart and Soul Retreats and Konscious Konnection Meditation gatherings.

Phone Number: (951)313-8541