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Ego Healing

The ego has been described as our bodyguard; it is also what keeps the status quo. 

We must stop demonizing the ego. It is a necessary part of us. It ensures we put our clothes on every day, that we look nice for our friend’s wedding, that we study for that big math final coming up. It is the force in our mind that helps us stay protected–and, ultimately, divinely directed.

The ego helps us remain self-aware. When the ego is not healed and yet shoved away and repressed, it can turn otherwise positive scenarios into disastrous ones (and/or block your good from manifesting in your life). Don’t lead with the ego; but let it help you along your journey. Smoother head-and-heart coherence is in the immediate forecast when you trust that every part of you is WHOLE and well-integrated.




  1. a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.
    “a boost to my ego”
  2. Similar:
  3. self-esteem
  4. self-importance
  5. self-worth
  6. self-respect
  7. self-conceit
  8. self-image
  9. self-confidence
  10. amour propre

    the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity.
    (in metaphysics) a conscious thinking subject.

How can you marry your conscious realizations with your subconscious correlations? How can you transition into a more connected and conducive way of being that celebrates and actualizes your mind AND your heart? Your growth and evolution are the focus here. If you need to leave a job…trust. If you want to move away from your hometown…do it. If you desire a new and fresh outlook in life… it’s yours. Your ego will support you along your path…if you bring it into the light. There may be old patterns with which you have been struggling. It’s time to move on toward bigger and brighter adventures and experiences. You may feel hesitant and uncertain and worried about moving away from something or someone that is no longer serving you or your highest good, but rest assured that your intuition and pure intention are infallible in this. New methods for resolving old issues and new ways of honoring your values and worldview are highly present and relevant here. 

True and deep healing is needed in order to overcome issues with trust. Do you still feel abandoned by your father when he left your family when you were a child? That wound could still be playing a major role in your life. You may tend to cling on to tightly in relationships or leave too early because you’re afraid you’re gonna get left.

Don’t trust people through the lens of your wounded ego. Trust through the all-seeing eyes of Spirit. I’ve learned in my 29 years on this planet (in this incarnation) that my ego loves me and wants to help me reach my goals. It’s a dragon who wants to be of service. Train and tame it. Love your ego. Innerstand that it is not your enemy. Not even FEAR is. God is the everywhere-present Source and Creator of All, as we say at my global Unity Church and Centers for Spiritual Living, and there is no other enduring power. That means there is nothing out to get you but your perceived limitations. 

Yes, there is wickedness and hatred and wrongdoing and suffering in this world. But that happens when we forget and ignore and reject our and others’ Divine Nature.  

We ARE worthy of God’s Love. And it’s INFINITE. His/Her Grace is Abundant and ceaseless. Tap into that now. Feel your third-eye chakra become flooded with light as you close your eyes. Imagine your sacred body-space be filled with the Light of Mother Gaia.

How can you accept and give love in more harmonious balance today? Can you learn to trust others while keeping your boundaries? 

You are the Divine Director of your life.

Victory is yours and comes to you when the battle of the ego is won and this mental aspect is tamed and trained like a dragon of your awareness.

You are going from rags to riches by sheer virtue of the devotion you carry to pursue your vision.

How can you steer yourself in the capacity of greater achievement, toward your hopes and dreams? How can you harmonize your life daily?




The spiritual meaning of 222 is one of balance, flow and healing. I actually kept seeing these numbers which prompted me to write this!


The number 2 carries the most feminine energy of all the numbers. When you’re seeing recurring 222 in your life, you’re being called to something that is going to involve feminine healing and balance.


Angel number 222 asks you to have a balanced approach in all areas of your life. What things can you do to bring in more peace and harmony on a daily basis? Maybe you could consider optimizing your schedule with time management? How about incorporating time to relax with meditation, yoga, or breath work? What activities make you feel empowered? Be sure to write these ideas down and find a few that work for you!


Another message from 222 is to stay clear of drama and negativity, including friends, family, TV or other social media sites. Staying out of the drama will keep your thoughts and energy clear. Sometimes we need a little reminder that although we may love the person or feel like we are obligated to be invested in a situation, we can take a neutral approach without taking on their problems. The message from the Universe is to release any negative energy and not to let any temporary situation impact your emotion or line of positive thinking. No matter what the situation, let go and trust that everything is working out for the best, and the highest good of all involved- because it IS!

Nicole Bucher
Nicole Bucher
Woman connection with her crown chakra

Crown Chakra

The crown or the seventh chakra is located at the top of the head. Just as the Root or First Chakra connects us to the Mother Earth, the Crown Chakra is our connection to the Universe. In fact, the Seventh Chakra disperses the Universal energy or life force into the six other chakras located below it.

The gift of this chakra is experiencing unity and the selfless realization that everything is connected at a fundamental level.

Energy of the Crown Chakra

The energy of this chakra allows us to experience mystical oneness with everyone and everything in nature.
There is no intellectual knowing at the level of seventh chakra, but there is serenity, joy, and deep peace about life.
You have a sense of knowing that there is a deeper meaning of life and that there is an order that underlies all of existence.

The “way of the crown chakra” is the way of going beyond the limits of your own ego. It is the way of transcending the ego and knowing that all of creation is interconnected at a fundamental level.

According to Tantric philosophy, the seventh chakra is both a receiver and giver of energy and consciousness. It receives energy to sustain life and it gives back the personal energy to unite with the collective pool of consciousness.

The Soul and the Universe

It is the meeting point between finite (the body and the ego) and infinite (the universe and soul).
It is the place where time and timelessness intersect and where death and eternal life meet.
The thousand petal chakra embraces an attitude of gratitude for one’s life.

When we realize that everything is interconnected and that we are part of the larger scheme of life, we begin to live with gratitude, faith and trust, rather than filled with fear and anxiety.

We are guided by the higher power and we feel divinity from within and from without.
The challenge of this chakra is to liberate the spirit – open to the divine – and at the same time stay firmly rooted deep in the ground.

Theresa St. Clare
Theresa St. Clare
Destiny vs Fate

Fate vs Destiny

People have often used the words Destiny and Fate interchangeably. However, they are different. From my many years of working with people I have gleaned a tremendous amount of information regarding the soul’s journey. Whether we are on a fate or a destiny path has always intrigued me.   

What I have discovered is that Fate is very much related to the karmic hamster wheel I talked about in  earlier blogs. When we keep repeating the same behavior and expect different results, fate keeps handing us the same or similar experiences over and over again. When we have the attitude “I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop” so to speak, we are inviting our lives to continue on the same path that it has always been on. Thus, we end up feeling like nothing is in our control. We wind up  feeling like a victim to circumstances once again.

We followed all the rules that we were taught by the culture we grew up in, even if those paradigms continue to make us miserable and no longer work. Being able to withstand the guilt when we feel someone is judging us, particularly family, can be too overwhelming. Thus, we never make a “break for it” to live our lives out loud! We wind up living a life of quiet desperation, working in an undesired occupation and at the end of our lives, we look back, and usually wind up with remorse and regret that we never were brave enough to take a risk. I have heard this numerous times, when I have been at a dying person’s bedside.

Destiny, on the other hand, is like walking through an open door of unlimited potential and possibilities, instead of being sealed up in the karmic box of fate. Just saying yes to life, putting our dreams and desires out there and taking some necessary steps towards them, allows entirely new experiences and opportunities to be presented. Synchronistic events take place, we seem to be in the right place at the right time, and surprising events unfold.

For instance, meeting new people who are on a very similar path, getting a new job offer that we never thought possible, meeting the love of our life, and on and on. Now our lives take on a whole new meaning and purpose. Our spirits soar and we end up benefitting ourselves and others.

How to get from Fate to Destiny is perhaps the question I am asked the most. Being able to forgive and love oneself for what happened in the past is crucial, and more often than not needing assistance from an objective person. Seeing the soul’s learning from the choices and experiences we have is a bondage breaker; knowing there really is a purpose to one’s life; and being willing to do something very different i.e. to break out of the norm, are just some of the ways to move onto a Destiny path. Our lives have now become open to outcome, and our Soul’s Destiny will lead us to our purpose in life and our vocation.

I have taken many people through some deeply guided imagery and soul retrieval work, which has  allowed them to have insights into some of the unlimited possibilities waiting for them. Seeing their gifts and talents and knowing what to do with them often helps one jump start their destiny process. I have been so blessed to be living my vocation instead of occupation, and I speak from many years of experiences with my own life and witnessing others, take the plunge and jump into your destiny! If you need assistance and support, I am here for you.

Kathryn Leeman
Kathryn Leeman
New Woman

The New Woman, From Magdalene, by Crista Marie Miller

A channeled message from Magdalene on the passing of the threshold of the Age of Aquarius

My dearest ones, I bring in the feminine aspect of the teaching, the nurturing, the very essence of who we are as women… 

There are four aspects we are shifting through and that I invite you to embrace: Relationship with Self; Your Twin Soul Flame; Your Relationship with Mother Earth; and Creating Your Future… 

I say we because we on the spirit realm are going through it with you… No matter how isolated and separated you feel, you are far from alone, my dear ones…

The first aspect is the cultivation of a relationship with self… Self is number one, for no one can fill your cup but you… Do not even allow anyone to say, “Your cup is empty because you are not doing X, Y, and Z…” 

What is your cup filled with?… Your soul calling… And once you achieve it, there is always something new… That is what makes life so enriched, so fascinating… Crista calls them hurdles; we call them opportunities for growth… See the opportunities as blessings… Learn to accept discomfort as this growth, so you may move quickly to the next phases of your spiritual journey…

Once you know yourself, finding others who are similar is far easier, even your soulmate, which does not necessarily mean a romantic connection… Your soul partner maybe your son, or your mother… The second aspect is sacred relationship with others, and there’s no need to self-sacrifice who you “be” to co-create with this being… You’re going to crave relationships that bring satisfaction on all levels of the human experience, and any life partner will grow with you, expand with you, out of their commitment to the union…

Relationship with Mother Earth, the third aspect, cultivates a profound awareness of the planet and the many sweet souls passing to the higher realms… Their soul’s decision to leave need not have judgmental energy from you… it is their time and their choice to not participate in the treasures that lay before you in the coming years…

The fourth aspect is that you are creating your future. Unconsciously this is happening by the billions; an unconsciously-created world that serves some, but not all… conscious souls are creating the brightest of futures for the collective with their conscious intentions, and we invite you to “jump on that bandwagon…” Know thyself and where you want to go so your vision is clear and path far less impeded…. 

As a bonus, I always speak about writing intentions in pencil… Pencil lead is the strongest form here on earth to create manifestation… If you cannot get a pencil, a blue pen has a similar, though slightly lower, frequency level. Use them to help shift out of the dark shadows, my friends, and this new light in this new breath creates that spark of hope, that spark of development, that spark of understanding… there is a calling for you to answer… hear it, heart it, and follow it for that is your truest path… Blessings my dear ones, I will leave you with that…

Crista Marie Miller
Crista Marie Miller

Cloud orbs

Dare to Explore and Know More

Have you ever yearned to know the great depths of the Universe, the inexplicable nature of the Mysteries, the incalculably expansive traits of Source in the material realm? Did you ever wonder that, perhaps, you could traverse the tepid and welcoming waters of the psyche (Greek for “soul”) and emerge unafraid and proud to be alive and wholly well? Could you suppose that, maybe, for one still and gracious moment, you could hold in your two mightily capable hands the answers you seek right now, and for many times yet to come?

Well, I’m here to tell you that this very power abounds in your Divine Mind and Sacred Heart, and, if you’re willing to go even further down this impactful path: it’s right there at your local metaphysical store or even Barnes & Noble.

It’s the depths and dreamspell called . . . Tarot.

Tarot is as old as anyone could dare imagine–originating in Egypt, some would claim. It has been considered a game of fates and fun and fortune-telling, and also (as I will focus on here) as a helpful and often-accurate and apparent way to practice artful divination. It is a wonderful tool for delving into sociocultural and psychoemotional phenomena like coming victoriously home from a war to be applauded and heralded by an entire town (6 of Wands, one of the Minor Arcana cards), or leaving all that is known for a more fulfilling life apart from a now-finished relationship (8 of Cups).

Want to embark on a daring adventure with me? Choose to develop those inner senses and learn more about this existence and your place in it and the way of the peaceful warrior for balance and integration, and you shan’t know lack. Be ONE with THE ALL and EMBRACE YOUR DIVINITY, while you REMEMBER YOUR INFINITY. There is only one path to liberation, and it doesn’t go up or down or sideways–it goes inward. Trust the Guidance of the Angelic Host who advocate for the growth and goodness of your Soul in a Body, and see the good in everyone and everything. Be a Beacon of Light for the weary travelers and lonely soothsayers who come into your line of sight. Be THAT, and the Great “I Am That I Am” perhaps has been Your Higher Self all the time.


Wherever I Am:
A Message on The Great Open Destiny (G.O.D.)

There spins within me an expansive sacred circle
–of a bliss that I miss and a grace that can’t be replaced–
And it alights like a forehead kiss and shines upon this serene face,
And I never knew that Unconditional Love could be so free.

Golden-white light pours onto my radiant consciousness:
I had tucked away my spiritual gifts like special presents far beneath a Christmas tree,
And I give thanks for the all-access pass to them,
A limitless ForceSource that travels pleasantly through my circulatory system
Like a wide-eyed college student sees Big Ben for the first time and knows that that tower-clock
Represents US as pillars of time-space and artisans of the grand painting of existence.

Abundance is a bright waltz through awakened-slumber creatures whose mission is
To arise and stand and envision a Life with a capital ‘L’ that is rich with ascension-wisdom,
With phrases like “Wherever you go, there you are,” and “God is the everywhere-present Source of All,” and “You are created in the image and likeness of your Creator.”

There are Words.
There are Birds.
There are Wings of Song.
There is a hymnal in the pew in front of you that guides your vital voice along.

Boundless energy is yours, for you are God contained like fresh ocean water sloshes on the ship of your Divine Destiny–
It is a part of the Water Cycle, and it collects in your Cosmic Heart and reminds your Majestic Mind to pause for a precious moment and appreciate Your Own Everythingness.

That empowered idea to start your own business, move to a new and more ideal location, prepare for retirement, go back to school, …. 
Fall in love with yourself again… 
Any or more of those potential foundations of Being may be welling up within your spirit at this precise instant;
So trust that they are arising with a profound purpose and that your soul is protected and heard
As the Call within you is toward an intuitive understanding 
That surpasses all doubt or fear or woe.

You are holding the Liberty Torch for all beings to be ignited in the Truth of their Divinity,
And remember your beautiful Infinity in the Tree of Life’s Oneness that begins with you and me.

© Ellenglish Productions (owned and operated by Ellen Drummonds Curtis)

<a href="">Ellen Drummonds Curtis</a>
Ellen Drummonds Curtis

I have an in-depth knowledge of the chakra system, astrology, and numerology and their respective correspondences in esoteric practice, specifically the Tarot.


Reiki for Animals

My favorite Reiki treatments are for animals.

Animals release sorrow and sadness they carry with an ease I cherish. Every treatment with an animal reminds me to be present and enjoy each moment of life.

Several months ago I stopped at my brother’s house to be greeted by one of the saddest Pitbulls in the world.What once was a happy dog, disappeared with the loss of her 10 year companion dog Jordan who had recently passed on to the next realm. Diamond was so sad from the loss that she had lost her woof and tail wag, her reason to live had slipped away with Jordan’s death.

She came over for some hands on and distance Reiki and with a few or several, Reiki breaths she just melted into the Earth. A calmness flowed through and her eyes started to shine. Moments later her tail wagged. A few more minutes of Reiki and she was off running and barking. Dogs are instinctively pack animals and know their place in the world, in relation with other dogs. Without Jordan, Diamond did not know to relate with the world.

Reiki allowed her to release the energetic chord and attachment to her alpha dog to become, the new leader. Reiki brought Diamond dog a sense of serenity and peace, space to let go of fear and bring about harmony and balance to her world. While not every case is so simple, I am grateful for how Reiki allows the soul to heal and the spirit to shine to bring joy into the world once again.

Laura Luna, PhD
Laura Luna, PhD
Happy Trails

Closing the Gates

The Sage was asked, “Of all things in life, what is the most amazing?”
“That a man, seeing others die all around him, never thinks that he will die”, the Sage answered.

Death is a serious subject, but it is a relevant subject to us all because we will all have to die. Death is an important topic for the Healer and often is left unexamined in our modern approaches to practice.

As practitioners, we focus on discovering immortality. Immortality remember is for the soul, the body will still have to die.

When the time comes for us to die and we become afraid and throw all of our spiritual practices out the window. It is imperative that we start now to develop the grace and expertise, which will serve us when we have to transition from this present body to the next adventure.

The physical body is composed of the elements of earth, water, fire air and ether, which also correspond to chakras. When the elements are still actively present in a living body, the soul experiences life through the bodily senses, which operate by means of the elements.

The process of death involves the dissolution of the senses and elements, which is what the verse in the Bhagavad Gita refers to when it says, “Closing the Gates.”

The gradual withdrawal of each element from each chakra to the next is what allows the body to fall away and the soul to move to the top of the head, which is the best exit door (that is why we never touch the top of a person’s head while they are dying).

The chakras in a newborn child are pure in color. As we grow older, the color becomes dull. The trauma and loss in our lives leave their toxic residues behind. When the chakras are clear, they spin freely and vibrate with their original purity again.

When we clear the chakras, the toxic energy accumulated through our lives does not keep us earthbound. Our intention in cleansing the chakras is to set the spirit free.

I use this Reiki symbol to assist in transitioning. Spirit also insists that for ME, I must sing the song too. 

I have a long history with Happy Trails…long before I learned of this symbol…but that’s another story!

When I first started working with Closing the Gates, I thought this process had to be part of Hospice care. Once death had occurred, I would shift the focus to afterlife. Spirit has guided me that ascension is not immediate after death. Even if a person has passed, the opportunity to close the gates is not lost. In fact, Spirit has been guiding me to do this work with victims of natural disasters and war for some time. Lately my daily practice has been to give some time to offer ‘Closing the Gates’ for those who have died alone, afraid and isolated by this pandemic… 

Thereas St. Clare
Thereas St. Clare

Angel Reiki Master

Positive image title

Daily Affirmations

“Positive Affirmations You Can Actually Get Behind That Will Supercharge Your Life”

Take a minute to print this out, tape it to your mirror and say them out loud everyday! You will be amazed how good you feel in a few days!

I am cool and collected. Every breath I inhale calms me and every breath I exhale takes away tension.

I love myself deeply.

I accept myself completely and deeply, without reservations.

I overcome my fear of anything and everything and live life courageously.

I know, accept and I am true to myself.

I believe in, trust and have confidence in myself.

I eat well, exercise regularly and get plenty of rest to enjoy good health.

I learn from my mistakes.

I know I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.

I forgive myself for not being perfect, because I know I am human.

I never give up.

I am worth it.

I make the best of every situation.

I enjoy life to the fullest.

I have control over my thoughts, feelings and emotions.

I accept what I cannot change.

I stand up for my beliefs, values and morals.

I treat others with respect and knowledge their individuality.I make a difference whenever I can.

I contribute my knowledge and talent for the good of all.

I commit to learning new things.

I live in the moment while learning from the past and preparing for the future.

I am worth it.

I deserve happiness, love and joy.

Nicole Bucher
Nicole Bucher
5 principles of Reiki

The Principle Is The Thing

This is perhaps the greatest gift of the Reiki principles. Just for today recognizes that we are humans and imperfect. Every day is a new opportunity to begin again. Just for today… is a profound way of saying: “I know my limitations, but I am also aware of my potential”.