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Dare to Explore and Know More

Have you ever yearned to know the great depths of the Universe, the inexplicable nature of the Mysteries, the incalculably expansive traits of Source in the material realm? Did you ever wonder that, perhaps, you could traverse the tepid and welcoming waters of the psyche (Greek for “soul”) and emerge unafraid and proud to be alive and wholly well? Could you suppose that, maybe, for one still and gracious moment, you could hold in your two mightily capable hands the answers you seek right now, and for many times yet to come?

Well, I’m here to tell you that this very power abounds in your Divine Mind and Sacred Heart, and, if you’re willing to go even further down this impactful path: it’s right there at your local metaphysical store or even Barnes & Noble.

It’s the depths and dreamspell called . . . Tarot.

Tarot is as old as anyone could dare imagine–originating in Egypt, some would claim. It has been considered a game of fates and fun and fortune-telling, and also (as I will focus on here) as a helpful and often-accurate and apparent way to practice artful divination. It is a wonderful tool for delving into sociocultural and psychoemotional phenomena like coming victoriously home from a war to be applauded and heralded by an entire town (6 of Wands, one of the Minor Arcana cards), or leaving all that is known for a more fulfilling life apart from a now-finished relationship (8 of Cups).

Want to embark on a daring adventure with me? Choose to develop those inner senses and learn more about this existence and your place in it and the way of the peaceful warrior for balance and integration, and you shan’t know lack. Be ONE with THE ALL and EMBRACE YOUR DIVINITY, while you REMEMBER YOUR INFINITY. There is only one path to liberation, and it doesn’t go up or down or sideways–it goes inward. Trust the Guidance of the Angelic Host who advocate for the growth and goodness of your Soul in a Body, and see the good in everyone and everything. Be a Beacon of Light for the weary travelers and lonely soothsayers who come into your line of sight. Be THAT, and the Great “I Am That I Am” perhaps has been Your Higher Self all the time.


Wherever I Am:
A Message on The Great Open Destiny (G.O.D.)

There spins within me an expansive sacred circle
–of a bliss that I miss and a grace that can’t be replaced–
And it alights like a forehead kiss and shines upon this serene face,
And I never knew that Unconditional Love could be so free.

Golden-white light pours onto my radiant consciousness:
I had tucked away my spiritual gifts like special presents far beneath a Christmas tree,
And I give thanks for the all-access pass to them,
A limitless ForceSource that travels pleasantly through my circulatory system
Like a wide-eyed college student sees Big Ben for the first time and knows that that tower-clock
Represents US as pillars of time-space and artisans of the grand painting of existence.

Abundance is a bright waltz through awakened-slumber creatures whose mission is
To arise and stand and envision a Life with a capital ‘L’ that is rich with ascension-wisdom,
With phrases like “Wherever you go, there you are,” and “God is the everywhere-present Source of All,” and “You are created in the image and likeness of your Creator.”

There are Words.
There are Birds.
There are Wings of Song.
There is a hymnal in the pew in front of you that guides your vital voice along.

Boundless energy is yours, for you are God contained like fresh ocean water sloshes on the ship of your Divine Destiny–
It is a part of the Water Cycle, and it collects in your Cosmic Heart and reminds your Majestic Mind to pause for a precious moment and appreciate Your Own Everythingness.

That empowered idea to start your own business, move to a new and more ideal location, prepare for retirement, go back to school, …. 
Fall in love with yourself again… 
Any or more of those potential foundations of Being may be welling up within your spirit at this precise instant;
So trust that they are arising with a profound purpose and that your soul is protected and heard
As the Call within you is toward an intuitive understanding 
That surpasses all doubt or fear or woe.

You are holding the Liberty Torch for all beings to be ignited in the Truth of their Divinity,
And remember your beautiful Infinity in the Tree of Life’s Oneness that begins with you and me.

© Ellenglish Productions (owned and operated by Ellen Drummonds Curtis)

<a href="">Ellen Drummonds Curtis</a>
Ellen Drummonds Curtis

I have an in-depth knowledge of the chakra system, astrology, and numerology and their respective correspondences in esoteric practice, specifically the Tarot.


Reiki for Animals

My favorite Reiki treatments are for animals.

Animals release sorrow and sadness they carry with an ease I cherish. Every treatment with an animal reminds me to be present and enjoy each moment of life.

Several months ago I stopped at my brother’s house to be greeted by one of the saddest Pitbulls in the world.What once was a happy dog, disappeared with the loss of her 10 year companion dog Jordan who had recently passed on to the next realm. Diamond was so sad from the loss that she had lost her woof and tail wag, her reason to live had slipped away with Jordan’s death.

She came over for some hands on and distance Reiki and with a few or several, Reiki breaths she just melted into the Earth. A calmness flowed through and her eyes started to shine. Moments later her tail wagged. A few more minutes of Reiki and she was off running and barking. Dogs are instinctively pack animals and know their place in the world, in relation with other dogs. Without Jordan, Diamond did not know to relate with the world.

Reiki allowed her to release the energetic chord and attachment to her alpha dog to become, the new leader. Reiki brought Diamond dog a sense of serenity and peace, space to let go of fear and bring about harmony and balance to her world. While not every case is so simple, I am grateful for how Reiki allows the soul to heal and the spirit to shine to bring joy into the world once again.

Laura Luna, PhD
Laura Luna, PhD
Happy Trails

Closing the Gates

The Sage was asked, “Of all things in life, what is the most amazing?”
“That a man, seeing others die all around him, never thinks that he will die”, the Sage answered.

Death is a serious subject, but it is a relevant subject to us all because we will all have to die. Death is an important topic for the Healer and often is left unexamined in our modern approaches to practice.

As practitioners, we focus on discovering immortality. Immortality remember is for the soul, the body will still have to die.

When the time comes for us to die and we become afraid and throw all of our spiritual practices out the window. It is imperative that we start now to develop the grace and expertise, which will serve us when we have to transition from this present body to the next adventure.

The physical body is composed of the elements of earth, water, fire air and ether, which also correspond to chakras. When the elements are still actively present in a living body, the soul experiences life through the bodily senses, which operate by means of the elements.

The process of death involves the dissolution of the senses and elements, which is what the verse in the Bhagavad Gita refers to when it says, “Closing the Gates.”

The gradual withdrawal of each element from each chakra to the next is what allows the body to fall away and the soul to move to the top of the head, which is the best exit door (that is why we never touch the top of a person’s head while they are dying).

The chakras in a newborn child are pure in color. As we grow older, the color becomes dull. The trauma and loss in our lives leave their toxic residues behind. When the chakras are clear, they spin freely and vibrate with their original purity again.

When we clear the chakras, the toxic energy accumulated through our lives does not keep us earthbound. Our intention in cleansing the chakras is to set the spirit free.

I use this Reiki symbol to assist in transitioning. Spirit also insists that for ME, I must sing the song too. 

I have a long history with Happy Trails…long before I learned of this symbol…but that’s another story!

When I first started working with Closing the Gates, I thought this process had to be part of Hospice care. Once death had occurred, I would shift the focus to afterlife. Spirit has guided me that ascension is not immediate after death. Even if a person has passed, the opportunity to close the gates is not lost. In fact, Spirit has been guiding me to do this work with victims of natural disasters and war for some time. Lately my daily practice has been to give some time to offer ‘Closing the Gates’ for those who have died alone, afraid and isolated by this pandemic… 

Thereas St. Clare
Thereas St. Clare

Angel Reiki Master

Positive image title

Daily Affirmations

“Positive Affirmations You Can Actually Get Behind That Will Supercharge Your Life”

Take a minute to print this out, tape it to your mirror and say them out loud everyday! You will be amazed how good you feel in a few days!

I am cool and collected. Every breath I inhale calms me and every breath I exhale takes away tension.

I love myself deeply.

I accept myself completely and deeply, without reservations.

I overcome my fear of anything and everything and live life courageously.

I know, accept and I am true to myself.

I believe in, trust and have confidence in myself.

I eat well, exercise regularly and get plenty of rest to enjoy good health.

I learn from my mistakes.

I know I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.

I forgive myself for not being perfect, because I know I am human.

I never give up.

I am worth it.

I make the best of every situation.

I enjoy life to the fullest.

I have control over my thoughts, feelings and emotions.

I accept what I cannot change.

I stand up for my beliefs, values and morals.

I treat others with respect and knowledge their individuality.I make a difference whenever I can.

I contribute my knowledge and talent for the good of all.

I commit to learning new things.

I live in the moment while learning from the past and preparing for the future.

I am worth it.

I deserve happiness, love and joy.

Nicole Bucher
Nicole Bucher
5 principles of Reiki

The Principle Is The Thing

This is perhaps the greatest gift of the Reiki principles. Just for today recognizes that we are humans and imperfect. Every day is a new opportunity to begin again. Just for today… is a profound way of saying: “I know my limitations, but I am also aware of my potential”.

tuning forks

Intuitive Vibrational Healing with Tuning Forks

Albert Einstein said: Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.

I’ve been working with vibration and frequency in healing for quite some time. I can say that at the time this was introduced to me it was the last thing in the world I ever thought I’d be doing. But when the universe has a plan….

 Being ingrained in the metaphysical world for some time before this modality presented itself, I knew that it was one of those things that you just gotta go with it. The universe was not going to take “No” for an answer.  So, here I am.

Healing with Tuning Forks

You might be familiar with acupuncturists that use tuning forks. In the way the needles remove blockages in the energy pathways to promote healing, the tuning forks do the same.

The tuning forks have a range of frequencies and can be used in combination to open the physical, mental and emotional body to healing. 

The frequency of the tuning forks I work with are:

“A” 426.7Hz, “C” 256Hz,“D” 288Hz,“B” 480Hz,“E” 320Hz,“C” 512Hz,“F”341.3Hz,“G”384Hz, 30Hz

When working with a client, I tune in to what frequencies of tuning forks need to be used to help the physical, mental and emotional body function better. I work with my team of healing guides, eliciting their help to guide me through the process of what frequencies need to be introduced to the client’s energy field. This process also brings with it messages; messages that I am to deliver to the client upon completion of the healing session. Many times the messages pertain to personal decisions/problems that the client is dealing with and needs help with. This is an added bonus that comes from the healing session. 

What you might experience with this type of healing session:

Deep sense of relaxation; falling asleep; relief of pain or discomfort; physical body temperature changes – extreme heat to extreme cold; feeling of energy running through your body, i.e. the tuning fork is placed on your shoulder but you feel it in your foot;  messages; and visions.

 I’ve heard such a wide range of experiences that it always amazes me! 

Over the last few years different frequencies have been introduced to our planet. Adjusting your body’s vibrational frequency to be in harmony with said frequencies gives you the upper hand on physical, mental and emotional dis-ease.

Never had a tuning fork session? I highly recommend you give a try. Healing happens in many different ways!

Tina Foran
Tina Foran

Intuitive life strategist and vibrational energy healer, Tina Foran has decades of experience helping to change lives.

Mind and music

Treating Trauma Through Guided Imagery and Music: Where Words Fail, Music Heals

Trauma goes deep. Literally, traumatic memories are stored DEEP in the Midbrain, which controls your fight or flight response. Traditional talk therapy occurs primarily in the frontal cortex where we process logic. When emotions arise your brain pings the Limbic System, then returns to other places to try and “manage” what’s come up.

When MUSIC is incorporated into the therapeutic process both sides of the brain are engaged simultaneously, helping them to help one another. In the case of trauma this is where the magic happens, this is where a new experience with old feelings and responses can be transformative.

Research tells us that in order to release trauma one must face it, but not in the way they have before, not reliving the old story. Trauma is released in the evolution of the new story, which can often involve literally interacting differently. Most people can’t, or don’t want to go back to the site of their initial trauma, so they simply hope time will diminish the effects. 

The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM)

In the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM), clients, or “travelers” choose their own focus for the session. The training of the clinician allows them to select the right music program (collections of pieces) to support an internal, interactive process, and then skillfully “guide” the traveler through the session with prompts and affirmation.

What comes out? It’s like having an awake dream, anything goes. Body sensations, visions, realizations and a chance to make your own choices in the moment emerge from the subconscious. A GIM practitioner will never tell you to “open the door,” or “stand up to that person and tell them how it is!” They may, however, invite you to notice how something is experienced and hold the space for you to do those things yourself. This process is sort of like a dry run for trying out new reactions. I mean, really, who wouldn’t like a do-over in life? 

After the music portion is complete, travelers are invited to draw a Mandala (an ancient form of expression drawing within a circle) to further explore their adventure in the music. All of these segments provide insight into the original “intention” and often dictate how the client moves forward in their personal healing and growth process.  

GIM is an experience, not just a discussion. Music Therapy can accelerate resolution because of its unique properties. For anyone who is “stuck” and has tried other modalities unsuccessfully, or is just ready for a fresh approach, your chariot awaits!

AmyLynn Dimaano
AmyLynn Dimaano

AmyLynn Dimaano is a Board Certified Music Therapist and Drug & Alcohol Counselor specializing in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music. She works with individuals in her studio, called H.O.P.E. (Helping Others Purposely Evolve) located in Redlands, CA by appointment only.  Find out MORE about the GIM process:

Metal singing bowls

Ticket to HOPE: The Healing Power of Music

Have you ever wondered why making someone a “mixed tape” was an 80’s feel-good way to express yourself and let the truth come to the surface? (If you’re too young to know what a mixed tape is, ask your parents J).  Do you have a playlist that helps you get through: A tough workout at the gym?  A low mood or Anxiety about the presentation you’ll be giving in the morning at work? If music seems to me a magic healer, it IS, and you can use it for just about everything that needs mending.  Here’s why:

You use both sides of your brain to process any and all types of music. This means the brain sections that access logic and the sections that manage emotions work together. Additionally, your pulse and heartbeat will automatically align with the rhythms and tempos of the music around you, the scientific term for this process is called Entrainment. 

So, consider adding music to the prescription in these not so commonly thought of situations:

1.      At the dentist (or anywhere you feel afraid): Choose slow, soothing selections with minimal instrumentation and words to help restore your breathing in challenging scenarios. Lyrics activate our “thinking” brain, so pick ambient tracks to lower mental stress. Carry your play list in your phone so you’re always ready to implement!

2.     To ramp up productivity or wind down from the world: Most of us already sweat to the oldies, but how often do we use music to halt procrastination patterns or purposely slow our body rhythms in preparation for sleep? Play lists with a consistent back beat will literally move your body, so why not use music as an action step when the “to do” list is gathering dust? The human body is made of 90% water. Vibrations affect our blood flow and encourage the brain to release adrenaline, which helps us get going. Likewise, everything the blinks, breathes, or waves will respond to slower, steady rhythms and volumes. We sign off of the electronics at a certain time of night to signal to the body that sleep is near, either sign off music at a certain time or choose less stimulating sounds to begin shutting your active receptors down. 

3.     Connect spiritually/use as a self-assessment tool: Do you find yourself humming a song you haven’t thought of in ages? Or responding strongly to a tune playing over the speaker in the supermarket? Take a moment to listen to yourself and to connect to something “Higher” than yourself. What significance does that song bring, what memory is triggered, what lesson is offered?  We are our own best healers, especially when music is helping us along. 

HOPE (Helping Others Purposely Evolve) Studio is a wellness space offering group and individual Music Therapy sessions. We specialize in Trauma, Grief, Addiction, Depression, Anxiety and Personal Growth. Check the calendar for happenings, join our mailing list, or call AmyLynn to schedule or for more information. 909-809 4150

Check out Amy’s website at

AmyLynn Dimaano
AmyLynn Dimaano
Lady in flowers image

Aligning Your Life’s Purpose With Your Mission

(They aren’t what you think)

I often get people coming into my office, because they want to find their Purpose and/or Mission in life. Most of the people think it is about finding the right job title of some kind. They do not like what they are doing and are wanting to find something that feels like it has more meaning in life. Regardless, they all feel like something is missing. It is precisely that empty feeling inside – a sense of missing something in life – that sends people seeking guidance.  

So, let’s first set the record straight – Mission and Purpose are TWO different things. Mission is what one does to help the collective. Purpose is what a person needs to do to for themselves to live a more meaningful life. Neither one is about a job or career. They are about the burning desire in one’s heart that most people are out of touch with, therefore needing some assistance to find. That is where guided meditation comes in as a viable tool. It is not for someone else to tell them what their Mission and Purpose are, because people will allow their minds to keep them in doubt. They need to actually have an emotional experience to their inner knowing, thus giving them a feeling of conviction. 

The best-case scenario is that people’s Mission and Purpose are in alignment.  For instance, someone’s Purpose might have a deep desire to learn all about the different aspects of love, what it is and is not, and why do people have such a challenge with it? They end up experiencing many ups and downs in their personal life in regard to love. They then end up frequently becoming some kind of counselor to families, individuals, school children, grief counselors, etc. to assist others find out how to get in touch with the love in their hearts and learn to truly listen and help each other as a part of their Mission.

People’s Mission and Purpose are sometimes not necessarily aligned with each other, causing a deeper sense of feeling lost inside. Perhaps their Purpose is to learn about how to communicate and take care of animals; however, their Mission is to work as a nurse taking care of people, when what they really would rather do is work with animals. Now they need to find a way to mesh their Purpose and Mission together. As an example, their souls might guide to them to find a way to bring therapy animals in to help people who are sick or anxiety ridden to feel better.  

It is important to realize that Mission and Purpose are things that come from the soul and not the ego. The information is always contained within, and most of us need someone to guide us to get beyond our minds to find out what only we know lies deep within our hearts.

 I can help you discover your Mission & Purpose.

Kathryn Leeman
Kathryn Leeman
Angel Reiki

Understanding Angel Reiki

As an Angel and Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, I’ve been asked what’s the difference. Because the teaching of Usui Reiki differs slightly from teacher to teacher, I can only answer based on my experience.

I believe we all have Reiki in us and we all practice it every day! When we are hurting or comforting other’s pain, where do our hands go? We cradle, comfort and love with our touch. We transfer energy with our intention. This is the essence of Reiki!

The Angel Reiki Attunements invite Angels to join in the healing when we call on the traditional Reiki symbols. 

There are four Archangels associated with the main Usui Symbols. They are: 

Archangel Gabriel~ The Messenger ~Cho Ku Rei 

Archangel Raphael~ The Physician  ~Sei Hei Ki

Archangel Uriel~ The Transformer ~Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen 

Archangel Michael~ The Protector  ~Dai Ko Mio

In practice, I have learned to connect and trust fully with these Divine Beings. With their guidance, I have discovered a myriad of Advanced Healing symbols, enlisting the assistance of a Host of Angels.

In an Angel Reiki session, personal ego is set aside the Angels guide the healing. 

I invite you to experience the overwhelming love energy of Angel Reiki~ Namaste

Theresa St. Clare
Theresa St. Clare

Angel Reiki Master