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Dare to Explore and Know More

Have you ever yearned to know the great depths of the Universe, the inexplicable nature of the Mysteries, the incalculably expansive traits of Source in the material realm? Did you ever wonder that, perhaps, you could traverse the tepid and welcoming waters of the psyche (Greek for “soul”) and emerge unafraid and proud to be alive and wholly well? Could you suppose that, maybe, for one still and gracious moment, you could hold in your two mightily capable hands the answers you seek right now, and for many times yet to come?

Well, I’m here to tell you that this very power abounds in your Divine Mind and Sacred Heart, and, if you’re willing to go even further down this impactful path: it’s right there at your local metaphysical store or even Barnes & Noble.

It’s the depths and dreamspell called . . . Tarot.

Tarot is as old as anyone could dare imagine–originating in Egypt, some would claim. It has been considered a game of fates and fun and fortune-telling, and also (as I will focus on here) as a helpful and often-accurate and apparent way to practice artful divination. It is a wonderful tool for delving into sociocultural and psychoemotional phenomena like coming victoriously home from a war to be applauded and heralded by an entire town (6 of Wands, one of the Minor Arcana cards), or leaving all that is known for a more fulfilling life apart from a now-finished relationship (8 of Cups).

Want to embark on a daring adventure with me? Choose to develop those inner senses and learn more about this existence and your place in it and the way of the peaceful warrior for balance and integration, and you shan’t know lack. Be ONE with THE ALL and EMBRACE YOUR DIVINITY, while you REMEMBER YOUR INFINITY. There is only one path to liberation, and it doesn’t go up or down or sideways–it goes inward. Trust the Guidance of the Angelic Host who advocate for the growth and goodness of your Soul in a Body, and see the good in everyone and everything. Be a Beacon of Light for the weary travelers and lonely soothsayers who come into your line of sight. Be THAT, and the Great “I Am That I Am” perhaps has been Your Higher Self all the time.


Wherever I Am:
A Message on The Great Open Destiny (G.O.D.)

There spins within me an expansive sacred circle
–of a bliss that I miss and a grace that can’t be replaced–
And it alights like a forehead kiss and shines upon this serene face,
And I never knew that Unconditional Love could be so free.

Golden-white light pours onto my radiant consciousness:
I had tucked away my spiritual gifts like special presents far beneath a Christmas tree,
And I give thanks for the all-access pass to them,
A limitless ForceSource that travels pleasantly through my circulatory system
Like a wide-eyed college student sees Big Ben for the first time and knows that that tower-clock
Represents US as pillars of time-space and artisans of the grand painting of existence.

Abundance is a bright waltz through awakened-slumber creatures whose mission is
To arise and stand and envision a Life with a capital ‘L’ that is rich with ascension-wisdom,
With phrases like “Wherever you go, there you are,” and “God is the everywhere-present Source of All,” and “You are created in the image and likeness of your Creator.”

There are Words.
There are Birds.
There are Wings of Song.
There is a hymnal in the pew in front of you that guides your vital voice along.

Boundless energy is yours, for you are God contained like fresh ocean water sloshes on the ship of your Divine Destiny–
It is a part of the Water Cycle, and it collects in your Cosmic Heart and reminds your Majestic Mind to pause for a precious moment and appreciate Your Own Everythingness.

That empowered idea to start your own business, move to a new and more ideal location, prepare for retirement, go back to school, …. 
Fall in love with yourself again… 
Any or more of those potential foundations of Being may be welling up within your spirit at this precise instant;
So trust that they are arising with a profound purpose and that your soul is protected and heard
As the Call within you is toward an intuitive understanding 
That surpasses all doubt or fear or woe.

You are holding the Liberty Torch for all beings to be ignited in the Truth of their Divinity,
And remember your beautiful Infinity in the Tree of Life’s Oneness that begins with you and me.

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Ellen Drummonds Curtis

I have an in-depth knowledge of the chakra system, astrology, and numerology and their respective correspondences in esoteric practice, specifically the Tarot.