Destiny vs Fate

Fate vs Destiny

People have often used the words Destiny and Fate interchangeably. However, they are different. From my many years of working with people I have gleaned a tremendous amount of information regarding the soul’s journey. Whether we are on a fate or a destiny path has always intrigued me.   

What I have discovered is that Fate is very much related to the karmic hamster wheel I talked about in  earlier blogs. When we keep repeating the same behavior and expect different results, fate keeps handing us the same or similar experiences over and over again. When we have the attitude “I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop” so to speak, we are inviting our lives to continue on the same path that it has always been on. Thus, we end up feeling like nothing is in our control. We wind up  feeling like a victim to circumstances once again.

We followed all the rules that we were taught by the culture we grew up in, even if those paradigms continue to make us miserable and no longer work. Being able to withstand the guilt when we feel someone is judging us, particularly family, can be too overwhelming. Thus, we never make a “break for it” to live our lives out loud! We wind up living a life of quiet desperation, working in an undesired occupation and at the end of our lives, we look back, and usually wind up with remorse and regret that we never were brave enough to take a risk. I have heard this numerous times, when I have been at a dying person’s bedside.

Destiny, on the other hand, is like walking through an open door of unlimited potential and possibilities, instead of being sealed up in the karmic box of fate. Just saying yes to life, putting our dreams and desires out there and taking some necessary steps towards them, allows entirely new experiences and opportunities to be presented. Synchronistic events take place, we seem to be in the right place at the right time, and surprising events unfold.

For instance, meeting new people who are on a very similar path, getting a new job offer that we never thought possible, meeting the love of our life, and on and on. Now our lives take on a whole new meaning and purpose. Our spirits soar and we end up benefitting ourselves and others.

How to get from Fate to Destiny is perhaps the question I am asked the most. Being able to forgive and love oneself for what happened in the past is crucial, and more often than not needing assistance from an objective person. Seeing the soul’s learning from the choices and experiences we have is a bondage breaker; knowing there really is a purpose to one’s life; and being willing to do something very different i.e. to break out of the norm, are just some of the ways to move onto a Destiny path. Our lives have now become open to outcome, and our Soul’s Destiny will lead us to our purpose in life and our vocation.

I have taken many people through some deeply guided imagery and soul retrieval work, which has  allowed them to have insights into some of the unlimited possibilities waiting for them. Seeing their gifts and talents and knowing what to do with them often helps one jump start their destiny process. I have been so blessed to be living my vocation instead of occupation, and I speak from many years of experiences with my own life and witnessing others, take the plunge and jump into your destiny! If you need assistance and support, I am here for you.

Kathryn Leeman
Kathryn Leeman