Jan Tucker – Qigong energy healing and stress reduction
Jan is a Spring-Forest Certified Qigong healer, a level 5 (out of 5) qigong practitioner, certified practice group leader, Reiki level 2 healer, and she has received attunements for Medicine Buddha and Avalokiteshvara from Tibetan Monks. She has been using energy healing to heal others since 1995 and has been a practicing yogi since 2000.

What is Qigong?
Qigong is a 7,000-year-old, powerful Chinese healing modality that prepares your body to heal itself from any type of physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual issue (such as colds, headaches, flu, cancer, autoimmune disorders, weight loss, pain, depression, grief, hopelessness, and many more). It restores the free-flow of vital life energy through all your body systems, organs, energy channels (meridians), and individual cells. The Mayo Clinic and other hospitals and universities use Qigong regularly to help patients heal from cancer, depression, pain, and many other issues. Scientific studies have proven its effectiveness.
Jan’s approach is loving, supportive, compassionate, and calming. She specializes in 5-element-based healing, removing blockages from all body organs to restore balance and health. She assists with stress-reduction and meditation techniques.
Join Jan’s live (online) Healing with Qigong class every Wednesday. Students love this class for increasing energy, healing, preventing illness, improving their immune system, looking younger, sleeping better, de-stressing, and maintaining their health

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