women empowerment

Selene Therese Yemaya
Description: Selene creates a space for women to tell their stories, talk about their roles, their gifts, their concerns, their visions and in so doing, to move more fully into their own power and into connection with one another.

Women’s Circlework and Moon Temple Facilitator Certified in the facilitation of women’s circles, rites of passage, embodiment, and rituals – Selene’s leadership in women circles includes her knowledge of many variations of circle work. Selene also coaches others on how to host, lead and facilitate offers a certification program in leading and organizing circles.

Circles are In-Person within the Riverside County and Online with Zoom Virtual Conference circle. Selene contends that circles are: Empowerment-based & Communal-based & Hold Acknowledgment of Inner Wisdom.

Phone Number: 951-782-1500