Angel Reiki

Understanding Angel Reiki

As an Angel and Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, I’ve been asked what’s the difference. Because the teaching of Usui Reiki differs slightly from teacher to teacher, I can only answer based on my experience.

I believe we all have Reiki in us and we all practice it every day! When we are hurting or comforting other’s pain, where do our hands go? We cradle, comfort and love with our touch. We transfer energy with our intention. This is the essence of Reiki!

The Angel Reiki Attunements invite Angels to join in the healing when we call on the traditional Reiki symbols. 

There are four Archangels associated with the main Usui Symbols. They are: 

Archangel Gabriel~ The Messenger ~Cho Ku Rei 

Archangel Raphael~ The Physician  ~Sei Hei Ki

Archangel Uriel~ The Transformer ~Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen 

Archangel Michael~ The Protector  ~Dai Ko Mio

In practice, I have learned to connect and trust fully with these Divine Beings. With their guidance, I have discovered a myriad of Advanced Healing symbols, enlisting the assistance of a Host of Angels.

In an Angel Reiki session, personal ego is set aside the Angels guide the healing. 

I invite you to experience the overwhelming love energy of Angel Reiki~ Namaste

Theresa St. Clare
Theresa St. Clare

Angel Reiki Master